STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS – Holiday Campaign

Happy Holidays! Join the winter festivities during STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS Holiday Campaign starting now through December 24!
Holiday-themed versions of Star Ocean characters: Winter Evelysse, Winter Fidel, and Holiday Precis are available to draw for a limited time!

Download and play STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS for free today!
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  1. Nintendorak Yamato

    Please SqaureEnix
    We really want Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo Switch?

  2. Zane Oneiros

    Chrono Trigger or GTFO

  3. TallulahSoie

    Don't you guys have phones?!

  4. Bewilde

    I don't think those outfits are going to keep her very warm in the cold (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  5. Brayden

    Ah, Star Ocean Second Evolution. The game that was only released on PS4 in Japan.

  6. RagnaXBL

    Dat frame drops

  7. TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    I'm so happy Zero is in Call of duty Pearl harbor

  8. Rynn21

    Even the trailer shows frame drops lol

  9. Dandi Candi

    Can i transferring from Android to iOS ? That big screen?

  10. Xmr Fendi

    i think you forgot yo mention it "it require gacha" lol

  11. Peko Narukami

    only for precis y gonna play this game

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