To celebrate the release of STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS in additional countries worldwide, 2B from the NieR series has been added to the game!

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  1. High-Ujhyung

    how's the re-rolling thing in this game., worth to do? and what should I be after?

  2. Kly Clack

    Can you guys fix the PC version of nier?

  3. J.Astaroth89 89

    Error 1003..

  4. Ryder Draconis

    2B is an overrated character and should be forgotten along with the likes of William from Dark Void, Earthworm Jim, and Gex. There is nothing interesting about robots pretending to be human.

  5. Jura Vendon

    Was habt ihr nur geraucht um Star Ocean als Vertikal zu machen >.,< OMG und die Cloud Speicherung ist der reinste Schrott.

  6. broderick black

    Shit Square enix

  7. Sou Nano

    My PP Hard

  8. TallulahSoie

    Seeing 2B in a crappy mobile game just makes me violently ill.

  9. soupremo1

    how to roll

  10. Neeko Chan

    The character is bug, it won't load when she's in the party and it turns black when you enhance her, and it won't load again when u pick her as a companion, pls fix it,

  11. PPF Gamer

    Good trailer left a like

  12. Rose

    Would like 9s, oh and Rufus from vp silmeria !

  13. Tatsu

    Rerolled and got her and LB'ed her weapon. Set for the long future gem wise now.

  14. ComboSlash9s

    Eu amo a 2B Nier automata aaa

  15. IruzHalsted

    i cant even play the game, it doesnt recognize when i tap so icant pass the logo screen… anyone knows how to fix it?

  16. Takeru the High-Ender

    Just out a few days ago. It's a nice fun game, simple one touch controls and astounding graphics and battle mechanisms, but the stamina costs is a problem for those who're seeking a long-term gaming. There's a few bugs and prolonged loading durations in the game currently and I'm hoping you can resolve those. It's a fine game for me and please keep improving the game and you'll have yourself a fan. Keep it up!

  17. Takeru the High-Ender

    Anyways, Space Hulk Deathwings next, if you could.

  18. santi herrera

    Jaja dice en playa atore que mi dispositivo no es compatible

  19. themurrayvideos

    Lets stick with console

  20. Romar Paqueo

    Is it too late to get her?

  21. Luminous InfiniTom

    I don't understand why this would completely shutdown. Leave the game client side. What about people that spent money?

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