Square Enix Products @ New York Toy Fair 2012 – Mass Effect 3 Play Arts -Kai-

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  • Square Enix Products @ New York Toy Fair 2012 – Mass Effect 3 Play Arts -Kai-

Events Manager Wilbur Lin walks through premier displays of new Square Enix Merchandise.

Featured here: Mass Effect 3


  1. EGnadfan284

    Shepard has an awekful face and too large shoulders. if you could fix it. thx

  2. Tom Hollinghurst

    When are these released, PLEASE reply.

  3. James Burnside

    Apparently these are still pending licensor approval so as of yet we have no idea when they may come out.
    Bioware you have made a lot of mistakes in the past but if you license these three in particular (Ash Garrus Shepard) and subsequently a whole line of these I will forgive you for EVERYTHING.

  4. paine1673

    I want a female Shepard by Play arts kai !

    (I'm french, sorry for my bad english)

  5. greyfoxyo

    ok im not a halo fan at all but the figures that play arts kai made, got my attention now with the metal gear series coming out, and now this im braking the damm bank with a smile on.

  6. coldkill15

    Garrus Looks bad ass!

  7. Alex Ivy


  8. fernanj003

    Holy crap you need to see this

  9. Dexter Grif

    The fuck! No Tali?

  10. KampKarl

    how tall are they

  11. Jaeger

    August 2012

  12. Jaeger

    10 inches I think. Taller then the ME2 ones

  13. Franklin Quesada Tames

    please made
    female shepard

  14. ShipMaster239

    Please… please make legion…

  15. Megan Coles

    what is the size of Garrus? and will it be the same size when released?

  16. Jose Luque

    the figures are great, the level of detail is spectacular, sculpture work is perfect, but the finishes, paint and texture effects are mediocre or even bad

    would be possible to get these figures as they are seen in the video, without the final painting?

  17. anhtransport

    Those are not finished products. But i do prefer Garrus figure. He currently has the best paint job

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