Square Enix Mobile Friday – New Year Mobius Special

  1. Luis martinez

    OS aveis quedado agusto con la mierda de recompensa 3 tarros de energía en ffbe en Japón dan tickes de elección o de 5* garantizado y da alegrías alos jugadores pero en global no nos tratáis como nos merecemos

  2. xxnike629xx

    @Square Enix NA
    I wish you guys gave more support and appreciation for those of us that play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius; especially with all of the maintenance and hacking that happens with the game.

  3. Krixstal Zagukarexst

    there need to be an episode of squall in the after years. In his kingdom hearts form. They need to go ahead and make that one canon.

  4. LightningZerker

    Yiazmat being like "You thought you'd be seeing me only once, huh? Yorokobe, shounen!"

  5. BartekSWT

    Hello I have one question – When will we see updates for Supreme cards that recently happened in JP version. While Duncan in GL is still good (tho still far inferior to Yiazmat and Ragnarok), Xezat supreme is just bad. It's even inferior to some normal cards like Omniscient. Even after JP buff it's still far in damage ranking even on broken target where it should be the king. Why no love for Xezat? 🙁

  6. TallulahSoie

    I admire people who pay $2500 for a mobile game character. Wait, admire? Hmm, that's not right.

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