Square Enix Members 2012 Rewards: Prize List "Unboxing"

We’ve recently revealed the Square Enix Members 2012 Rewards Prize List, and look over each of the prizes in this video! Be sure to register your games and fill out your redemption form at the link below to be eligible to get these great gifts from Square Enix Members!

PS: sorry for the baggy eyes, I blame hard-working late nights at PAX East 😉

Square Enix Members 2012 Rewards Blog Announcement:
Square Enix Members 2012 Rewards Redemption Form:


  1. Lulexiaa

    I swear is so difficult to make a silver member for me. I only have 205 yearly points this year *cries*
    Dear god that bag is so cool ;___;
    I really hope that bag can be bought in the near future.
    but I guess I'll just try to buy more SE games ;~;
    *sobs* Another day~

  2. 200odd300

    I guess the cards and erasers are better than nothing. But the back pack looks amazing, it is the only thing from the video that I want. I would probably only wear it to school once in a while 😛

  3. Matthew Bourgoine

    I have 1000 points, so hopefully that gets me the ultimate…

  4. aundi

    So, they don't count total points? They count yearly points? I'm sad, because I don't buy a lot of games…

  5. danfreed


  6. B. Spotted Mice

    Hi, Rob! 😀

  7. B. Spotted Mice

    How many points do you need to be a sliver member? I have about 300 points. Is that enough? I want that ultimate prize.

  8. xplodax

    How do you get points? By registering your bought games on SE's site?

  9. Zero Chrome

    These rewards are pretty lame, especially since not many people liked FF14. And I doubt anyone wants those erasers -___-

  10. xzero1299

    Man I got 1000 in one account and 850 in another and since there's only 850 points worth of games I hope i get 2 ultimate but if not then the 2 back packs are awesome

  11. HumDog

    okay. i'm glad he said it. just wanted to make sure the ultimate tier gets everything. just gotta wait for the tier point list

  12. Aj Fvnx

    How can i register a game i bought on xbl?

  13. Jinxzork

    is 1000 enough for ultimate?

  14. Zyzxx

    Looks like I'll be getting the Ultimate Tier with 1160 points! And yet last year seemed like a slow year for Square Enix purchases for me! Go figure!

  15. Elemental Knight

    Will you be making kingdom hearts 3?

  16. demonatx

    I don't care how many pockets this backpack has, the upside down logo on mine is unacceptable.

  17. LASH

    These are pathetic rewards for customers that spend hundreds to make top tier. One or two games cost could pay for all this crap.

  18. heritageodie19

    It's a rewards program for being a loyal customer. Something they have no obligation to do, and are just doing to give their fans something cool. Stop bitching like they owe you something better as a free gift.

  19. Nice Vibes Music

    No lol. These are incredibly shitty, and they DO owe us something simply because of how little they think of us with this bullshit.

    But then again, a blind Square Enix fantard will defend just about anything they crap out, huh?

  20. heritageodie19

    So what you're saying is that a company can decide to give little gifts to their fans for no reason other than to say they appreciate the fans, and you have such a sense of entitlement that you're going to complain about the gifts? They really do not owe you anything, and nobody would be complaining if this never happened. This has nothing to do with me being a fan, it's that idiots like you actually think it's fine to complain about getting something for free.

  21. Nice Vibes Music

    No, it has everything to do with you being an aggressively defensive fantard. Fuck lol, why are people even paying attention to you – myself included? XD I remove myself from this airborne toxic event!

  22. devilkazama

    actually, like it or not, he is the centre of the universe, every point is literally the centre of the universe, FACT. 😛

  23. wishingMon

    These are nice but gosh, Nintendo has better rewarded than these.

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