Spelunker World Launch Trailer

In SPELUNKER WORLD, players take the role of a Spelunker, following in the footsteps of his father who disappeared 10 years ago. Players can venture into caverns solo or together with up to six players online in search of legendary treasures while avoiding dangerous pitfalls, boulders and wicked creatures. Hidden within every nook and cranny are various power ups and unlocks to customize characters’ skills and appearances. The title offers an array of adorable pets that aid players as they uncover deeper and dangerous caves.

SPELUNKER WORLD offers additional in-game content available for purchase.

Follow the Official Twitter page: @spelunker_world


  1. phar0ahad3


  2. Spacious

    Sure, why not?

  3. Jazneo Gaming

    i didnt know square enix own the right for Spelunker.

  4. Psychotic Ninja

    "I never asked for this"

  5. TernadoG

    If you going to give us a free to play at least give us Rise Of Mana for the Vita please.

  6. Abdullah Ali


  7. EscoNitz

    This game looks fun… It makes me want a ps4 now.

  8. Nagi-sensei

    Is it comming to Europe soon?

  9. Wallace Luiz

    it looks like Mario, even the songs

  10. Media Glitch

    Ill have to check it out, maybe do a review. Getting stuff for free is always a good thing unless its herpes or something like that I guess.

  11. Corey Fields

    Very Nintendo-esque this game

  12. Matthew Schell

    This looks as if Nintendo made a Spelunky 2.

  13. sharkman265

    In the words of Adam Jenson "I never asked for this" gonna download and try it out seeing its free SE please dont be mad if im playing Fallout 4 more right now but hey it looks good !!!

  14. classic end

    is it online multiplayer?

  15. Darklurkr

    Next gen People.

  16. Mitta Connor

    For a free game this looks pretty good. I don't play free games but if I did I'd probably download it.

  17. SuperAnt Gamer X8

    … jeez, do I really look like that?

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