Spelunker Party! Announcement Trailer

For More Spelunker Party Information: https://goo.gl/8GKDTj

Brave the journey to the Earth’s core with “Spelunker Party!” , coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on October 19, 2017. Share the thrill of exploring caves with up to 3 other players in multiplayer fun. Together, overcome thrilling challenges from traps, rolling boulders, bats, ghosts to solve the mysteries of the fallen star. Adopt a pet and use its unique abilities to uncover hidden treasures.


  1. Magitroopa

    Awesome, more 3rd party for the Switch!

  2. GameZard

    PS4 got BTFO.

  3. Zane Oneiros


  4. Raziel

    Mii Dungeons

  5. Manuel

    please update the japanese release to support english, thanks!

  6. Frnz Frdnnd

    Looks dope 😮

  7. RafaelDB

    Oh god no, Stop it Square!
    Stop making Spelunker games!! They suck ass

  8. NintendoFan

    Long time NES Spelunker fan here!

  9. Zenxymes

    This looks epic!

  10. Rixor12

    Oh hey it's that one song that was in Cat Mario.

  11. Phoenix Wright - #NintendoSwitchMasterrace


  12. Jarret Karlson

    will this be physical or digital only-please release physical

  13. Joejoeyo Plays

    looks fun. I'm interested.

  14. Elver Gon

    If the Japanese version gets an English patch, that would be highly appreciated and amazing!

  15. XXtheJUMPoffXX

    Wth is this?

  16. HyenaDip

    babby's first spelunky

  17. stew360

    We are not the first of april are we ?

  18. John Kerkalis

    It's Spelunker World PS4 with a different name for Nintendo Switch. I had a blast with Spelunker World. I remember playing the original on C64.

  19. OskyGNetwork

    guess it did good on the ps4

  20. Broskkt

    This game is free off the PlayStation store it's called Spelunker World i'm confused are they two different games? Or are they the same except you have to pay for it now?

  21. Gl do

    it sucked so much ass 🙁

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