Skull & Bones – Gameplay Trailer [PS4] E3 2018

Direkt von der E3 2018 segelt ein neuer Trailer zu Skull & Bones ein.

Verpasst kein Video mehr:

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  1. Utti Siseppe

    Ubisoft don't fuck up

  2. Nat Knutson

    it's a real shame they just copy pasted half of black flag for this. So much potential thrown away because they couldn't be bothered to actually make a new game.

  3. Nat Knutson

    siege mode? What the fuck ubisoft stop making shit up

  4. Nat Knutson

    I guess the wait for a realistic pirate game will never end, thanks for nothing ubisoft

  5. Bjorn Peeters


  6. DragonBlaze X

    So, Assassin’s Creed 4 without assassins?

  7. Bagstube Nico

    Wow this is AC4 but only a little bit modificated

  8. Captain Morgan

    Cant even find the game

  9. Ivan Wallace

    Is this out yet

  10. vidadi rəşad oğlu

    Wow l looked lt was very interesting

  11. vidadi rəşad oğlu

    l m sorry l don t game

  12. Mike

    Don't know how to feel about this…

  13. Matt is Mac

    I definitely loved AC 4 black flag and the story, but for once I would love to play an opened world pirate game without the whole AC creed. Ubisoft is doing “Alright”… I’m most certain that Rockstar should take the whole pirate era and give us something fresh of an open world pirate game vs this game Ubisoft came with ??

  14. Durpy

    Sea of thieves!

  15. Husssin D

    I want to get off the ship

  16. SNiKe Dz


  17. Robin

    Rockstar Should make a pirate game


    This is A C Black flag but better

  19. Kory Po


  20. GSK_gaming_GL

    2:57 shay cormac ?

  21. Anthony Oliver Parker

    When does this come to PS4?

  22. Anthony Oliver Parker

    Is The Flying Dutchman and The Black Pearl in this Game? Yes I just got done watching the first 3 POTC Movies! Great Movies btw

  23. Mike Webster

    postponed to March 2020. I can't believe when I seen Bestbuy in March had prepay for this game advertising it sometime in December. How many times now has it been postponed? I feel bad for the people who prepaid for this.

  24. Max Chuev

    Too dynamic, I wish it to be 25% slower otherwise it’s F1 ?

  25. ABK Undershine

    So assassins creed black flag without any of the good parts hmmmmm

  26. Bazzigar XXX

    Not better than ac 4

  27. ahmets

    Title: Skull & Bones
    Video: Black Flag but only oceans

  28. Leo Veide

    I really hope when u board the ship u can fight too otherwise for me not gonna be worth buying this game

  29. Brite Bomber

    The ship looks like thr mortigan or the jackdaw

  30. PhilosaurYT

    Its sea of thieves for ps4

  31. 전지욱


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