Shadow of the Colossus – PGW Trailer [PS4] Paris Games Week 2017

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Shadow of the Colossus wird – wie auf der E3 2017 verkündet – kein typisches Remaster sein. Bluepoint Games hat Shadow of the Colussus vom Grund auf überarbeitet und auf PlayStation 4 Pro wird es es in dynamischer 4K-Auflösung und 30 FPS erstrahlen.

Verpasst kein Video mehr:

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Alle Videos von der Paris Games Week 2017 findet ihr hier:

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  1. suske

    palavras não conseguem descrever a minha alegria.

  2. TomSlαyer374


  3. Sv Cassjo

    I will love my PS4 even more for that! This is still my most favorite game and I would still buy a copy for a PS203 and else.

  4. cesar leon

    thi looks amaaaaazing!!!!! cant wait.

  5. azzimaz

    That music, such melancholy. My god this game still remains one if the very very few peerless masterpiece. Brings back all the same barrage of emotions playing this on PS2 last time. Such an amazing hallmark of a game till this day. A mark of superb game & art design melding to tell a story that truly touches the players heart.

  6. Amarecklessness

    One of the things I'll never understand in life is why in the blue Fuck isn't there a shadow of colossus sequel to this day??? … I mean it's one the most papular & beloved game in history so there's no doubt it'll be a huge fuckin success!!! … what the hell are they waiting for exactly??

  7. Zerovs Raryge

    Mano meu colossus preferido Phalanx parece que nerfaram o cara véi ;-;

  8. Chinclox

    aaaah por que le tuvieron que bajar la dificultad, en ps2 cuando jugabas contra phalanx podías romperle un punto de vida y después phalanx se sumergía en la arena y tenias que hacer el procedimiento de nuevo en esta versión lo matas de una

  9. GhostShift_666

    Music sounds like its been touched up a bit, I'm glad they didn't change anything for the soundtrack other than just make it sound much more cleaner and easier to hear the instruments.


    Le redujeron la dificultad para este gameplay? ojala haya sido asi, por que de lo contrario no va a ser reto pasarselo.

  11. The Rational Man

    More sandstorm effects please. You are dropping the vibe of the original art without those prominent effects.

  12. SCP-049-j the plague fellow

    2:27 sand tornado

  13. Mike H.

    OMG! Can't wait for this. I've played the ps2 original thrice and still fascinated with it.

  14. Onion Blaster

    so sad

  15. Qzilla

    wait, where are phalanx's roars?

  16. Neneng Kusnia

    Owww God This Feel when u Listening the Backsound when Againt the Monster

  17. xyoxus

    What the fuck is going on with the horse? Is it retarded or why is it more jumping than walking.

  18. Konrad Draeger

    They took so long to give us this

  19. David H


  20. Johnny Smith

    Awesome. Im a PC gamer but damm this looks cool.
    PS: Cant wait for the PS5 to come out so i can emule It on PC

  21. Fero D

    The Graphics are INSAAANE

  22. Wild Lost Land


  23. mohammad .H

    One word

  24. Iljas Bergmann

    Aber warum killt er das Ding das hat im doch nix getan?

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