Secret of Mana – Opening Movie

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The memorable adventure of Randi, Primm and Popoi is reborn as „Secret of Mana“!
Embark on an action-packed, worldwide adventure in this 3D remake.
Available on February 15, 2018 for Steam, PS4 and PSVita.



  1. Dustin Brinnon

    Maybe if this sells well we can get Bahamut Lagoon…


    You tought it'd show 3D but it was me, Storyboard like!

  3. WRFM PaRaDoX

    Everyone interested in a resurgence of SoM, please buy this game. Then it will happen!

  4. Bunduru Foryou

    Why no Switch release?

  5. Kyon

    D1 on VITA!

  6. a0me

    Sadly this can't touch the original

  7. Tyrel Collins

    Snes version still is better

  8. Ian Dean

    Can someone give me the source on the BGM here? Is it part of the original OST?

  9. lostn65

    Switch owners are so entitled. Every decent game that's revealed or released, you always hear "Why isn't this on the Switch" or "Please come to Switch". Everything costs time and money. Give them some time, and a chance to see whether you guys are the vocal minority or if it really will sell enough to justify the expense.

  10. LovelaceThePure

    The sequel was better.

  11. TheRealBoxman

    They did a good job with the new opening, but it does give off a pretty different mood compared to the original. Not that it's an issue or anything, but it is different.

  12. Samsonspub

    Where's the Mode 7?

  13. Littlegambit Danilae

    I'm upset that with this.. At this point all I can say is until ya'll sort yourselves out, keep your filthy paws away from Tree of mana. I don't want it turning into a mess like this ?

  14. Matthew D. Cleveland


  15. IMRavnos

    bad narration.  Sounds like a narrator for a children's TV show.

  16. Anxious Neck Games

    This looks great! Do Chrono Trigger next!

  17. heroofnone

    I wish they spent less on the voice acting and more on developing quality artistic sprites over the 3d modeling direction they went with. Both choices destroy a lot of the nostalgia of the original.

  18. Isaiah

    Why doesnt Morgan Freeman do the voice over???

  19. Eric Fullerton

    I don't care what system this is on… TAKE MY MONEY!

  20. NPC: Drone Class

    This intro is perfect, but the game play footage is terrible. Voice actors all need to be fired and replaced, Randi sounds like an old man stuck in puberty. Elliot is not even trying. For a game this awesome, they deserve enthusiastic voice acting! Do it right or people will be talking about how bad the remake was for years to come. People will want to resort to playing the JP version instead of English, much how people despise dubs in anime and prefer the originals. Don't screw this up.

    Also make it clear as to who the boy marrying Purim is.. is it Elliot and the elder from Potos Village? Or someone else? If it's Elliot, make it apparent, if not, give him a different design to clear up confusion!

  21. Ben K Lore

    i loved this game on snes, i maxed out my characters many times

  22. Yeng Xiong

    OMG! It's "MA-NA" not "Man-Na"

  23. Chris Pittillo

    Xbox One version, please!

  24. bobomber

    Good job Square, you finally did something right… now please give us a Chrono Trigger reboot (perhaps with graphics similar to Octopath?) and we will literally give you all our money!

  25. SlyBeast

    Got chills hearing the Mana Beast again.

  26. TrappedInFloor

    I hope they remaster the soundtrack, which was objectively the era's best. I'm curious to see how great it will sound with modern digital instruments.

  27. stebsis

    Ugh, ugly graphics, the original looks better than this thanks to amazing pixel art, why not keep that and improve upon it? And bad voice acting. Why do they want to ruin a great, classic game so badly?

  28. Rebe L'doll

    Played the Legend of Mana. Own it, in fact, for the PS1. Awesome game. Looking forward to this. Never played Secret.

  29. Ryan Martinez

    Holding down the attack button will charge your attack and result in more damage. Not many people know this about this game. You can charge through all levels of a weapon when its level gets higher. Though it does take time and you're open to attack while you do it.

  30. AzyxA

    This looks so cheap.

  31. Kachau Dhamor

    Everybody ask why no switch?, It's because switch suck!!!!!!!!!! :v

  32. Voitan

    Be still my beating heart, it's only a few months away.

  33. LDC GFX

    I may buy it IF they left Song of Mana untouched


    I want that physical release tho

  35. XanthinZarda

    Look, I realize this is a game from the 90s, but that doesn't mean you should hired a bored voice actor whose vocal chops are as the 90s were.

  36. zerocool

    Looks great, but why no NA physical release?? Maybe if it sells well, you'll do the SoM collection with SoM on physical disc?

  37. CmdoDelta

    They changed the original dialogs… it was unecessary… I dont think I'm gonna buy.. 🙁

  38. TigerTen

    I really like this narrator. I hope we hear more of him in the game.

  39. Sinobin / SinobinU

    We need a Switch Version! Plz

  40. M4na

    No online koop… so sad…

  41. bealman

    "Mannnn a" lol…
    Mahna please … my earssss..

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