Secret of Mana – Launch Trailer

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Available today on PS4, PS Vita & Steam!

A timeless adventure… reborn and remastered! Follow the memorable adventure of Randi, Primm and Popoi reborn in the Secret of Mana remake!

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  1. Atwa

    this is so ugly

  2. Blaze knight

    Hype! ?

  3. PPmaq Channel

    I love it! I'm so happy it exists!
    but like can we get a xenogears remake now plz thanks

  4. Kyle Limb

    Secret of Mana is my FAVORITE RPG from the SNES. :3 Seeing this makes me happy to have it back on modern platforms, but also sad because it is chibiesk the voice acting sounds 100% better than the last video I saw so that has me smiling again. :3 But the real question remains: Are all the Sword Orbs actually in this one LoL

  5. Skyler B

    3 player co op? if so I'll be super Happy, maybe they will do the same for secret of evermore

  6. Chris Lightfellow

    Looks like an enhanced ps2 game, though.

  7. KidKobun

    I really hope that there's an option for Japanese VO or the ability to simply turn off the English VO, because these voices are poorly suited for the characters.

  8. The Heartless Alchemist

    How about making one of these for Chrono Trigger next?

  9. Vieja Escuela

    Secret of Evermore remake! take me money


    Switch when? And localization of collection when as well as onto other platforms when?

  11. Aussa Kagamine

    the REAL mana sword.

  12. Bearty

    The game keeps crashing I hope you fix this issue square Enix

  13. INvalidSYNapse

    No one loves the 3ds anymore…

  14. Luis Cabrera

    When will we get Chrono Trigger back?

  15. Vesaniah4

    40$ lol. Its an old ass game, a fun one but a 15-20$ pricetag would have been understandable. This will probably get illegally downloaded just because its just abusive. It doesn't help the remake industry at all .

  16. _atmofficial

    I'll just get a Psvita again. Can't enjoy this on a console.

  17. CycloneFox

    Can you play this with local coop (two controllers at one console, don't mean AdHoc) on the PSTV?

    Is cross platform play possible? Cross save? I guess I can outline cross-buy, as the prices are different.

  18. Spared Channel Omari

    I might get this on PC

  19. Tyrindel

    ruined due to dubs
    wont play it

  20. Mark Krueger

    Xbox one?

  21. George Mink

    So when is the Chrono Trigger remake coming out?

  22. mtbbeats

    Too bad there's not a Nintendo Switch release. I would have bought it.

  23. Rusty Crestmore

    On PS Vita but not Switch? You're high Square.

  24. Kevin Ramirez

    The SoM Remake garnered so much mixed reaction/reception from everyone when it was first unveiled and now the review scores for the game are NOT good. If anything, a good example of a properly developed remake (Even though it's a direct sequel) that Square Enix should have taken into consideration and learn from was A Link Between Worlds from Grezzo and Nintendo on 3DS. Also, everyone has been asking and asking for the Secret of Mana Collection on Nintendo Switch to be localized and release worldwide, but the damn president and people at Square Enix continues to neglect and ignore the opportunity and possibility of doing it. Square Enix still loves to be stuck on Sony's dog leash. If anything, Nintendo should publish the game and many more Square Enix games for Nintendo Switch and release them worldwide.

  25. Chris F.

    what a piece of garbage! thid game would deserve a whole 4k 2D version like "dragon's crown" !!! Something Epic, not this "cartoonish 3d crappy mobile style"

  26. RP S

    Nice hehe.
    Chrono Trigger Remastered too hopefully! :p

  27. Cyril Murasaki

    So, they are releasing this on Vita, but not Lost Sphere? Oookkkk.

  28. Doel Johon

    Adventures of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 1 remake) : 2016
    Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2 remake) : 2018. sooo….
    Seiken Densetsu 3 Remake = 2020?
    Then afterwards/at the same time, make them into a Compilation of 3D remake Mana 1-3 Collection <3

  29. Krizie

    Where's our full 3D FFVI remake??
    I'd like to remind Square Enix that VI is the most critically acclaimed in the whole series (go check top FF game videos, if you didn't know), please don't treat it like dirt.

  30. icecold723

    Nintendo Switch?

  31. Kenny O'Shay

    Square Enix can you Release Chrono Trigger,Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy(in one game like FFX/X-2 HD Remaster), and Parasite Eve. For PS4.

  32. cRaZy inSaNiTy

    damn this looks shitty compared to the snes version
    go make panchiko games SE you recently sucking so much in the gaming industry

  33. LinkxPeach

    Square Enix, please release Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3, Dragon Quest X, and Dragon Quest Monsters: 1&2 Remakes in the Western Region for both the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

  34. Alexander Strauffon

    The Secret of Mana game that I got keeps crashing showing error CE-34878-0. If I try to update, it says everything is up to date. This is not letting me play, keeps happening randomly. Are you gonna release a permament fix, or what?

  35. Theo Tonkla

    vagrant story next please.. for Android.

  36. XEROX 676

    This game should have been on Switch because the original game was on the SNES.

  37. Mark Plott

    Dear Square Enix – why do you hate Europe and the Americas for Dragon Quest franchise. where is Dragon Quest Heroes I&II for Switch ???? and can you please explain why DQ XI is NOT on the 3DS and is Delayed on the Switch ??? can you tell us why haven't you released DQ X for Americas. why haven't you released Dragon Quest monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D and DQM 2 IRA and COBY Adventure 3DS ???? or Dragon Quest Monster Joker 3 ????

  38. S i L V R


  39. Jeff Gazetti

    lol Karl from Walking dead is voicing the main character

  40. Jeff Gazetti

    I'll bet you can't get a permanent version of the master sword like you could in the SNES game 🙁

  41. goblyntheking

    man i still have this on SNES!

  42. Efim M

    Chrono Trigger remake = ez profit / Where its at tho ?

  43. SoftCustomer8

    is this comes to switch, lets hope they fix every single problem the original remake had

  44. Wesleygamer1

    My fellow commenters this is how you fuck up a remake. Take a 16 bit game that looked good as a 16 bit game make it look like a bad ps2 port and add bad voice acting that is inferior to the original written text. Makes me glad I have a snes classic so that I can play the superior version. Hell the snes classic did a remake right and that's technically an emulation. Square Enix was upstaged by a legal plug and play emulator they should not only be embarrassed but ashamed of what they've done.

  45. akpellablok

    Secret of evermore remaster pls!

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