Secret of Mana HD – Why Secret of Mana is Special to Producer Oyamada (Part 3 of 3)

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  • Secret of Mana HD – Why Secret of Mana is Special to Producer Oyamada (Part 3 of 3)

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Secret of Mana producer Oyamada-san wishes everyone a happy holiday season!

The legendary RPG, Secret of Mana, will be coming exclusively to GameStop on February 15th in limited quantities! Be sure to secure yours today!

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Also available on February 15, 2018 for Steam, PS4 and PSVita:

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  1. Giga Force

    I was when I got to experience Secret of Mana back in 1993. The soundtrack is still haunting and beautiful!

  2. 166Anna

    Can you guys please bring back Koichi Ishii to direct a proper sequel, it would be amazing.

  3. Floyd Dominique

    my childhood game. this game have an emotional value on me too.
    maybe it's not objective because of the nostalgia effect, but i hate the new boss music so much 🙁

    EDIT: i mean this boss music /watch?v=LVi0kP3pZ2I

  4. Bearty

    I hope they add dlc for this remember guys they had to cut content in order to put it on a cart

  5. Hynad

    The lack of online multiplayer is a sorely missed opportunity…

  6. xxnike629xx

    I’ve never actually played this myself but I did watch a friend play.
    I’m glad that we’re getting a remake version that upgraded the graphics only and kept everything else in tact.
    Maybe Square Enix can do this for more games like Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross later. I’d like that.
    Or maybe cult classics like Brave Fencer Musashi, Ehrgeiz, and The Bouncer.

  7. Mr. Horseshoe

    Where can I buy those Rabite plushies?

  8. DonYagamoth

    I wish you all the best for the release and final stages of the development. Expectations are crazy high, to a large degree because there is a ton of nostalgia involved. I hope it works out well for you guys and that we will enjoy the game once it's released without any troubles

    Thank you 🙂

  9. Fullmetal Gamer

    Localize the Secret of Mana Collection.

  10. TellTaleHeart

    Must not be to worried about getting it in to everyone hands if you can’t release a SWITCH port!

  11. Hanzo Zer0

    I'm getting it day one. Can't wait!!!!!!

  12. Baylen!

    I love this game so much! If you only there were a Switch port!

  13. Nick Costigan

    Exactly why i loved this game.

  14. Krist the 30 Year Old Boomer

    Buying this day 1 physical on ps4, now please bring the Mana Collection onto American Switches in physical cart form please! I will buy that also!

  15. Cher dat boiardee

    This has nonthing to do with secret of mana but please bring final fantasy 8 to mobile

  16. Otaku_GameFan

    I hope you guys Remake Seiken Densetsu 3 someday. This was supposed to be Secret Of Mana 2 outside of Japan.

  17. Claudio Rosende

    Please! Remaster of Legend of Mana too, thats my dream! Make it possible! Make it real!

  18. TallulahSoie

    And this required three videos because…..?

  19. Sasukefanboy

    Because of money, i guess

  20. Ricardo Caetano da Rosa

    I like Secret of Mana, but Legend of Mana is better to me. ?

  21. Tensay Gamer

    I want a remake of parasite Eve square. And I guaranty your pockets wanna explode of money.

  22. humble heart

    Hope magic is different. Every boss boils down to cast-cast-cast-cast-cast-dead. One huge problem was magic would stun the boss for 3 seconds. Attacking for 50dmg if your lucky to not miss vs stun lock boss with magic that does 300dmg and never misses.

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