Secret of Mana HD – Producer Oyamada Holiday Message ( Part 1/3)

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For More Information:

Secret of Mana producer Oyamada-san wishes everyone a happy holiday season!

The legendary RPG, Secret of Mana, will be coming exclusively to GameStop on February 15th in limited quantities! Be sure to secure yours today!

Pre-order Link:

Also available on February 15, 2018 for Steam, PS4 and PSVita:

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  1. Theo Bergström

    PLZ Multiplayer to Just Cause 3 = PS4 ?

  2. dolan_trump

    Please Switch release!

  3. UneditedRequiem

    Secret of Mana Collection in English for USA Nintendo Switch please.


    One of the classics, I’m ready. It would be crazy if we get Secret Of Evermore too, I haven’t played it but always wanted to since Nintendo Power days.

  5. mighty cobalt

    He's adorable lol

  6. Mr. Horseshoe

    When are we getting Seiken Densetsu 3?


    I'd play it but its not coming to the Switch and im no longer buying ps4 games except for like last of us and ff7R and kh3

  8. Claudio Rosende

    Please! Remaster of Legend of Mana too, thats my dream! Make it possible! Make it real!

  9. Hyou Vizer

    begs the quest why these 3 short videos weren't just one video

  10. TallulahSoie

    Never played. Looking forward to it

  11. suburbanflower

    I'm pretty sure the lack of effort in this announcement is foreshadowing the quality of the game.

  12. Romangelo

    I love this game because it's not for the Switch, and reading comments from Nintendo fans bitching about it all over the internet is so entertaining.

  13. Agorax 7

    Please do the same with:
    Illusion of Gaia/Time
    Secret of Evermore
    Terranigma and
    Secret of Mana 2/ Seiken Densetsu 3.
    Pretty Please remake them too.

  14. CuppaJoeGamer

    The fact that Square wouldn't even provide a sound proof room for recording this just shows how little they think of legends like Oyamada. I've seen 6 year old Youtuber's with better recording environments.

  15. humble heart

    Hope magic is different. Every boss boils down to cast-cast-cast-cast-cast-dead. One huge problem was magic would stun the boss for 3 seconds. Attacking for 50dmg if your lucky to not miss vs stun lock boss with magic that does 300dmg and never misses.

  16. Moogle Midgar

    i'm not buying this game unless they put stats on weapons and armor, so when you buy it you know if it is better or worse.

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