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The legendary RPG, Secret of Mana, will be coming exclusively to GameStop on February 15th in limited quantities! Be sure to secure yours today!

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Also available on February 15, 2018 for Steam, PS4 and PSVita:

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  1. Flegan777

    I can wait for the PS4 release next year. I've got way too many games to play at present. XD

  2. Nikita Urie

    It's an utterly weak stylistic choice, original artwork is completely neglected. And those textures, are those really trailer-worthy material? I'm really dissapointed.

  3. genesisSOC

    SD3 is so much better.

  4. Unalochy

    My nostalgic mind just exploded!!!

  5. Chico DePuertoRico

    Yay, another remake instead of a new title. Dawn of mana was horrendous. Why not pick up where it left off in order to glorify the Seiken Densetsu franchise.

  6. Cameron Robinson

    I can't wait to play this again! Even tho I have a copy of the original the enhanced graphics look great.

  7. Bruno Factum

    Make a seiken densetsu 3 remake please!!!!

  8. Brun

    Aw come on! I preorder his digitally the second they announced

  9. vicious7171


  10. Calvin Oberly

    Dang it… up until now, I was seeing it being advertised for the Vita as well…. Hugely disappointed that has been removed from the ad.

  11. Richie Watters

    I wish they'd stop the re-makes in this stupid chibi format!! While the games are phenomenal, I can't get to grips with the dead eyed chibi childlike appearance, I'd rather stick to the originals.

  12. Richie Watters

    The remake square really needs to focus on is, Vagrant Story!! And fully make all the games to form the Ivalice Alliance ?

  13. indi 51

    Square, I still believe in you, with all these remakes and stuff…. Could you just make a good final fantasy 6 remake?

  14. Boring

    This doesn't seem like a game that should be on Playstation. It seems like something that should be on the 3ds or switch

  15. Feni007

    God I cannot wait to see what the new Thanatos fight is like.

  16. Edgar Herrera

    Let me know when it comes to the switch.

  17. Carlos Bernal

    i preffer this remake on nintendo switch

  18. Jan Eberle

    I played that game in my childhood and until now this game touched my gamer soul, like no other game after. Some years ago I played it again with my girlfriend and still loved it! At the time it was released, it was one of the very best games on the market. Graphics were great, story amazing and the soundtrack awesome – the gaming experience was burned into the hearts and memories of so many players.
    The remake you now created is an insult to each of us. Now it's about 40 USD, which is far to much for this cheap graphic update. And in 6 months it will be at 10 USD at the bargain counter. From a legend to a budget game and after that forgotten.

    I wish you would have done an affordable 2D Update so I can play it with friends online coop on PS4 or an epic new game with the dimensions of a final fantasy 15.

  19. LetsNeverPlayAgain

    Where's my PC version you fuckers

  20. Matt Hoffman

    Where is the 2nd game! LOL l know Legend of mana for the ps1 was great Square Enix but you should have released the 2nd secret of mana from the snes. Not mad just want the 2nd secret of mana game lol I would love it to be a 3d remake but you could put on the Xbox one lol

  21. Joker

    Why does the physical version have to be exclusive to Gamestop? That's one of the worst places to buy games from, Amazon exclusive would have been better plus 20% discount with prime

  22. Ace Arch

    Xenogears needs this treatment

  23. MunroM84

    Where is Xenogears remaster?

  24. Erik

    Id honestly just like the old school collection to be made for West.. on the Nintendo Switch

  25. szebike

    Looks nice but for 40 bucks overpriced. 50% off and its fair.

  26. DefconO1


  27. Ichi Capeta

    8 hours into the game right now, somewhat disappointed. But I continue playing because… nostalgia!
    Okay Square Enix… NOW MAKE Sword Of Mana 2 (a.k.a. Seiken Densetsu 3)!!!

  28. MyLifeForAuir87

    Can i has Lufia 2, Star Ocean, Tales of Phantasia as well please?

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