SaGa Re;universe | Official Teaser Trailer

The SaGa continues. Coming in 2020. Learn more about the SaGa series here:


  1. Nick Crowe


  2. Polviable

    My husband and I have been playing JP since launch last year. Super fair gachage, don't pass this one over if you're a SaGa fan.

  3. G K

    Saga Frontier PLEASE. ? I love you Square Enix!

  4. theodore piercey



    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. ClassicGames4U

    I became immediately uninterested once I saw it was a smartphone game?

  7. muhammad safwan

    salty gacha game

  8. xxnike629xx

    No thaNo thanks.

    Here's what I want instead on PS4 & Switch (physical & digital release):

    – Chrono Trigger HD

    – Chrono Cross HD

    – Dragon Quest

    – Dragon Quest II

    – Dragon Quest III

    – Dragon Quest IV

    – Dragon Quest V

    – Dragon Quest VI

    – Dragon Quest VII

    – Dragon Quest VIII

    – Dragon Quest IX

    – Dragon Quest X

    – Final Fantasy

    – Final Fantasy II

    – Final Fantasy III

    – Final Fantasy IV Complete

    – Final Fantasy V

    – Final Fantasy VI

    – Final Fantasy VII ~ IX (physical collection)

    – Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

    – Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy

    – Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions

    – Grandia HD

    – Grandia II HD

    – Grandia III HD

    – Grandia Xtreme HD

    – Star Ocean First Departure R

    – Star Ocean Second Evolution R

    – Star Ocean Til the End of Time R

    – Star Ocean The Last Hope R

    – Sword of Mana Remake (so we can have the mana trilogy)


  9. anab0lic

    Don't you guys have phones?

  10. strippinheat

    I assumed by the title that this would be another garbage mobile slot machine, and I was right.

  11. Cyklone56

    all we want is a sequel to Minstrel's song …

  12. Delacroix

    I want chrono cross remaster.

  13. EscoNitz

    I am a massive square enix fan… but these gacha games are just awful, For example Final Fantasy Brave Exvius …. great game in concept but if you have a favorite ff character don't expect to be able to use them unless they are the most popular ones because they just won't be able to reach the same rank as other characters.

  14. Zane Oneiros

    Chrono Trigger series rivial or GTFO.

  15. Totenglocke42

    Why do Japanese devs love to drive away fans by going to mobile?

  16. alfasilverblade

    Final Fantasy All the Bravest.
    Romancing Saga edition.

  17. Nick McGinnis

    Mobile? Booo

  18. Tranceplant82

    Mobile? Hard pass…

  19. Thiago Travi

    Finally. Was tired of playing it in japanese.

  20. Otaku_GameFan


  21. Sergey BoSS

    Revive deadman's cross !

  22. Y. usri I. khwan

    Did you guys making sleeping dogs 2 or not?

  23. Oo Zaid oO

    Wheres serious sam 4 ?

  24. Sagar Kushwaha

    When did just cause 5 released

  25. Spooky Laundry

    NICE, this is great, really like what Square is up to these days.

  26. Christian Jimenez

    Remake CHRONO trigger !!!

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