SaGa E3 2019 Trailer – Romancing Saga 3 & SaGa SCARLET GRACE: AMBITIONS

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Two titles from the renowned SaGa RPG series are coming west!

Romancing SaGa 3—
The Rise of Morastrum–an event where the dark star blocks out the sun–threatens the very existence of our world. All born in that year are doomed to perish before its end.
However, during the first Rise of Morastrum 600 years ago, a sole child did survive. He came to be known as the Archfiend, leading the world to ruins.
Another 300 years passed, and again a child defied fate. She came to be known as the Matriarch, defeating the evil and bringing peace back to the world.
Now, 300 years later, the Rise of Morastrum strikes again, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
Will there be another child of destiny? Will the child be righteous, evil, or another force that the world cannot fathom?

• The classic 1995 RPG finally comes west in a remastered version! Your choices matter—from your choice of hero, to branching story paths, to recruiting party members, to which skills you’ll develop. Every game, a new adventure!

The Firebringer, a fallen god and bane of humanity, has wrought havoc on the world since his exile. Mankind constructed an Empire with a singular purpose: engage the Firebringer and his fiends in battle to defend humanity. After a millennium of fighting, the Firebringer has finally been defeated, and the Empire is left without purpose, spurring rebellion.
With the fate of the world uncertain, follow the journey of four unique heroes as they call on their might and set out to carve a new future.
• Take charge and shape your own adventure with ultimate freedom of choice. Travel the world and engage in events in any order, or skip them entirely if you wish; your decisions affect the development of your story.

• Create a team of up to five capable fighters and engage in strategic turn-based combat, selecting from 9 weapon varieties, as you take on enemies.

• The composition of your group affects your abilities and impacts your tactics. The choices you make will define your legacy!

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  1. WPFreeinternet

    I have been waiting for this for a long time. Can finally knock out the Romancing SaGa trilogy. About time there is more SaGa love, it is my favorite series.

  2. pee cee

    I'm silly stoked about FF7 remake, but I have been waiting Saga scarlet grace to come out on switch! I still consider romancing saga on ps2 easily one of the best rpgs I've ever played. Also interested in alliance alive which gives me that saga frontier battle system feel…also excited to try out romancing saga 3, although I have to say I got bored of romancing saga 2 real quick which kind of makes me histant… I can't wait to see a brand new SaGa title, like a saga frontier 3????? I can only dream..

  3. Moises Corral

    Definitely buying both as soon as they're released. Please release physical copies too. Thank you so much for localizing these games Square. I'm so glad you're giving them a chance here in the west. It means a lot to us long time fans of SaGa.

  4. Ryan Villalobos

    So happy to see scarlett grace coming to west! I've been waiting patiently.

  5. Yuki Terumi

    Jesus, that remixing of Romanxmcing Saga theme. So good

  6. Phantom Union

    3 was the most like from saga series ^ but.. If want replay again hope it can like legend of mana 3 Remake ! Not a remaster ^_¡

  7. 核ちゃん


  8. Frederica Bernkastel

    You know square enix, you're the best. I'm going to buy the games I can. Thank you for taking care of the psp and now for the psvita despite it dying. SQUARE ENIX IS THE BEST YOU GUYS.

  9. Rafidz Radzi

    Remake gang

  10. Help Me

    Thank you Squaresoft,RS was my favorite series,loved them

  11. Ray Luna

    Would love the PS2 RS on modern systems ❤️

  12. TheYouTubeBoy

    Woooow love it! My Grandma ?? born in 1924 used to LOVE these games!

  13. Luninareph


  14. Petter Nerman

    I can't describe how happy I am that the wonderful gems Romancing SaGa 2 and now 3 are released for this-gen consoles. It's too good to be true, honestly. Does anyone know the release date for this one?

  15. naroku


  16. Beezus C Hrist


  17. Rizaru Mariku

    So literally, these games will be released in all platforms even the mobile ones….

    Thats really great…

  18. Oni Puck

    Pleast let this continue, so we can get a remake of Saga Frontier, that's actually finished.

  19. すM

    Be bleeding‥

  20. foulou089

    Please, for the love of all that is good!! Remaster SaGa Frontier 1 and 2!!

  21. Chudawa


  22. Toru Koroshi

    Please tell me you're part of the Zombieland Saga project. SAGA NEVER DIES, SAGA LIVES ON FOREVER!

  23. SonicMania999

    Dear Square Enix,

    I really want to buy and play both of these games: thanks for bringing them west! As for Scarlet Grace Ambitions, please release a physical version at least for PS4 in the west. It looks like it will be a full-priced $60 game, and to keep that "digital only" would be unfair to fans. Though I prefer physical, I own hundreds of digital games that I've bought over the years — and have only paid over $30 twice (and both of those were $40). If you release a physical edition of Scarlet Grace Ambitions, I'm happy to pay $60 to play day one and support the franchise! But if it's digital-only, I will be stuck waiting months or years for a sale before enjoying the game.

  24. K.

    please please PLEASE! release Romancing SaGa Re: Universe in North America

  25. K.

    please please PLEASE! release Romancing SaGa Re: Universe in North America

  26. Break Specialist


  27. Carsten

    Am I the only one that would love to see an updated version of Unlimited Saga? It would work well on both mobile and consoles

  28. Sandy Nicole Miller

    I have to say… Why Scarlet Grace has no Vita release? I mean, it's a Vita game originally. They obviously translated it, lol. Romancing SaGa 2 & 3 are on Vita, so why not Scarlet Grace?!

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