Romancing SaGa 3 is coming West for the first time!


The celebrated RPG classic comes West for the first time! Developed by industry veterans including the legendary developer Akitoshi Kawazu, Romancing SaGa™ 3 was originally released in Japan in 1995. This HD remaster of the legendary RPG masterpiece introduces optimized graphics, a new dungeon to explore, new scenarios and a new game+ function. Select one of the 8 unique protagonists and embark on an epic adventure defined by your own choices!

Romancing SaGa 3 will be available on November 11, 2019 on the Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One X, Windows 10, STEAM®, the App Store® and Google Play®.

Also coming soon is SaGa SCARLET GRACE: AMBITIONS which will be available digitally on December 3, 2019 on the Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4 system, STEAM®, the App Store® and Google Play®.

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  1. Frank Jeager

    Looks amazing!!


    SINISTRALS?! That's an…interesting word to use. …3 guys and one girl too…very interesting…

  3. James Lauricia

    Looks nice.

  4. konekotron

    Looks like I’ll have one more game to add to my Vita. Thanks for not dropping it. I’ve even kickstarted games that they decided to drop the vita; so, I’m super happy about this.

  5. WPFreeinternet

    I've been waiting for this for a long time now. Been fan of the series since the Final Fantasy Legend games introducing me to RPGs. I generally don't get excited about video games anymore, but I love this series too much.

  6. Wisam Saeed

    Why would anyone play this graphics in 2019

  7. Jeremy Leonia

    Please do something with Saga Frontier, whether remake or remaster, i really don't mind. Just do it

  8. James Voldemor

    The difficulty of this game is like a dark soul of JRPG.

  9. K.


  10. CrimsonDragoon

    You wanna know something funny: This game is releasing on the same day it did back on the Super Famicom.
    It released then on 11.11.95, and now the remake is releasing on 11.11.19, 24 years to the date it originally came out.

  11. The Revenant Count Of Demonialordville

    @Square Enix
    Please can you make a Remake of Vagrant Story and put it on Playstore in 1080p HD so it can be available for android in the UK (this is where I am from) I am also your Biggest Fan, so pleez don't let me down.

  12. The Revenant Count Of Demonialordville

    0:21 Sounds a lot like Versailles – Philia

  13. Nobody Special

    Looks dope. I want it. Physical release or no?

  14. luis catani

    wow another cell phone game that will cost 99$

  15. Norixciii

    Wow, I didn't even know this but this series (obviously also by Square Enix) is basically Final Fantasy – the first games in the Romancing Saga were called Final Fantasy Legend, but then each new game onwards were named something with the word SaGa in it. No wonder this looks so much like Final Fantasy (VI, to be specific).

  16. Aaron Harding

    I am beyond hyped to play this. I remember emulating it back in the day but not being able to fully immerse myself because of the lack of a proper translation.

    I picked up Romancing SaGa 2, and thoroughly enjoyed that title, the amount of depth and replayability was astounding. These games were truly ahead of their time when they were released, and I can't wait to finally experience this title in its entirety.

    Keep up the great work remastering and rereleasing these gems. Especially the ones that never made it to The West. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that these games are timeless and will always be extremely playable, no matter how many decades it's been since they were originally released.

  17. PSXFAN

    Terá legenda em português? ???

  18. Pecca

    Oh yeah… Those boss sprite animations… Not good.

  19. Tom Ainger

    Is it available world wide november 11th? Or just japan?

  20. purplepotatochipPPC

    Romancing Salsa 3

  21. Hélio Sato

    Next should be Frontier 1, loved that game back on PSone

  22. grey fuller

    I will get this later today. So stoked to play it.

  23. Scott Sims

    Buying this on Friday

  24. 01of10

    I wonder if Tomomi Kobayashi and Yoshitaka Amano worked together occasionally.

  25. Ixmore

    I can buy it legitimately instead of stiffing the company by downloading the fan translated ROM.

  26. Mephisto

    if only all SquareEnix's 2D games graphics are like Octopath Traveler…

  27. lwst82

    I’ve only played Saga Frontier on PS1 but the music in this game is very similar .

  28. Handsome Vulture

    Costs more in GBP than USD? Think I’ll pass until your rate of exchange calculators are fixed.

  29. HeavenThird

    We need parasite eve hd 🙂 man this is awesome

  30. The Sorrow

    please parasite eve 2 remake

  31. Flareboxx

    Please give us a physical release!!

  32. Victor Ndende

    octopath traveler prequel looks great

  33. Brandon BM power

    Completed the story. Doing newgame+.
    Awesome and super surprising for that new quest!
    Thank you square-enix! 😀

  34. Syafiqah Ariffin

    I played Romancing Saga :Minstrel song before, and I love it and it continued to be one of my fav right now, would love to pick this up sometime later

  35. Carlos Alberto Azuero Cervera

    Bless me.; !Buy my web site!

  36. Elton Chung

    I need a remaster like this for FF5 and 6, not the blurry mobile port crap they have.

  37. DeniD boy

    Ty so much for releasing on ps vita

  38. Wiko Lite

    Oh yeah! My favorite game! Since SNES version, just some buggy on that game… I don't know… ? Plus, character like Tatyana (holding Teddy bear) need to need his family after long time run away.

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