Romancing SaGa 2 Announcement

  1. tija1012

    Please do Ps4!!!

  2. Introspectre

    Only iOS and Android? Really… you're gonna limit yourself to mobile? You'd sell more if it were on consoles and PC as well. It's basic logic.

  3. FinallyJeremy

    Vita or no buy

  4. Casey Goddard

    Isn't this game going to be copyright claimed by Candy Crush Saga for using the world "saga"?

  5. CodeNameX001

    VITA players get shafted again… Thanks, S-E…

  6. Adriana Vieira

    I want a Vita version T_T. I don't like to play this kind of game on a smartphone because I'm always worried about the battery.

  7. Charles Gabriel

    Nice, and I hate to say this, but Romancing Saga 3 was the most epic of the series, I grew up playing the fan translated one on the emulator. Well I am happy that older games like RS2 are coming out with official Eng translations and so on.

    On the other hand, its amazing how many Square-enix games never made it official overseas, many great ones like Seiken Densetsu 3 (which should have been the #1 priority as far as official Eng release and remaster, etc -one of the coolest games of all time of that generation). I saw there is a revamped port of Secret of Mana, but sadly only on Android… hopefully it will be re-released for Steam later on.

  8. fonarte

    You could put this out on the Vita and learn how to make a niche product and market work for you. And STILL have it on mobile and make plenty of money on there at the same time.

    This game deserves better than being stuck on mobile phones.

  9. Pinachina

    Day one buy for me. I never thought I'd see the day.

  10. downphoenix

    not bad, but whats up with only releasing these games on mobile? I appareciate the great games you're bringing to mobile, but a game like this would be much better to marathon play at home instead of playing a few minutes at a time on our phones.

  11. Moang Her

    I wouldn't mind a 3DS release

  12. Reginald Rivera

    Never really knew anything about this game aside from tidbits of information that I got from Wikipedia but I really hope that this gets a Steam release!

  13. Flegan777

    Been waiting a very long time to play this, and the time has finally come.

  14. Juan Mendoza

    yes, I want it

  15. Kzinssie (porygonlover322)

    As much as people are whining about no Vita release, it is a goddamn miracle this game is coming out in English at all. It's one of my all-time favorite JRPGs. If you're on the fence let me tell you, this is DEFINITELY worth your purchase. Apparently the touch controls are pretty good, too.

  16. Edward

    Can't wait!

  17. Wenceslao Futanki


  18. lostn65

    Is it a rerelease or a new game?

  19. Digital_Midnight

    I don't want to play it on my phone. that's just Fucking retarded

  20. Zev Zero

    Can't this come out anything but phone? Like vita, 3ds, ps4, I would take n64 if needed

  21. Zev Zero

    Confirmed PS4 NEO launch game. It just needed the extra processing power

  22. yingyistrife

    not 3d?

  23. GreenGaming


  24. Damon Turner

    IOS!!! I want to INATALL SOON!

  25. L Ɐ Z U L I

    what? why only phones!?

  26. L Ɐ Z U L I

    I wanted to play this on my PlayStation Vita…. I guess they already gave up on it….. 🙁

  27. L Ɐ Z U L I

    First it was I Am Setsuna, now this game… this sucks!!!

  28. MrKesnado

    vita please

  29. CrimsonDragoon

    Can someone tell me if this is Apple TV compatible???

  30. summermillipede


  31. WPFreeinternet

    Wish this was on the Vita, but I am excited to finally see Romancing SaGa 2 finally coming over. Hoping Scarlet Grace will make the jump as well. I also like those animated enemies in the battle scenes.

  32. Ryan91487

    Oh, looks like they learned their lesson with the character sprites this time around…

  33. Brian HL

    iOS Master Race ;p

  34. Bernabé García Sánchez

    I also want it for the Vita!


    I know that most of these these comments came before the news about the Vita release coming to the west kicked in, but here's a reminder that we will in fact get a Vita release before somebody else says "no vita version :(" again. For proof, refer to the top comment's reply, which has a link to an article that confirms that western audiences will in fact get this remake for the PS Vita.

  36. Armless Kirby

    please stop making these phone exclusive

  37. miaomlao SY

    that moments…. when ROMANCING SAGA 1 on PS2 look much better than 2 (WHY?????? :/ )

  38. Sayashi Gamer

    please! i want Romancing saga3, Seiken Densetsu3 and Rudra no hihou on mobile.

  39. watchara lertwittayakorn

    I can't wait for Romancing saga3 Eng.version in android.

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