Romancing SaGa 2 Announcement Trailer

Romancing SaGa™ 2 is coming to the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system, Nintendo Switch™, STEAM®, Xbox One and Windows 10 on December 15, 2017.

Sit upon the throne of the Varennes Empire and control several generations of rulers in a valiant battle against the Seven Heroes. A dynamic freeform scenario system – a hallmark of the million-selling SaGa RPG series – enables you to take command of a variety of protagonists along the line of imperial succession and experience the history of a nation as it grows and changes based on your actions.

• Experience a compelling narrative that served as the cornerstone of the title’s success on its initial release back in 1993.
• Use weapons and martial arts in heated battles to learn and master new combat techniques.
• Take advantage of each character attributes, learn new battle formations, concoct spells and temper weapons to grow the Varennes Empire.


  1. GT6SuzukaTimeTrials

    Why the sequel and not the original? I'm 34 ffs I can handle oldschool.

  2. Riva l

    what about the first game of it if this is 2?

  3. McPixel

    It's for GBA?

  4. work4kids2009

    Waiting for saga frontier

  5. Frostare

    Alright! Time to take those Seven Heroes down!

  6. Dee0342

    How is the performance on the Vita? I heard it had long loading screens, is this true?

  7. Scrollbar

    Oh wow, the pixels are actually cleaner without sacrificing the original style. I'm intrigued.

  8. gamerprince1999

    THIS is how Square should have been porting the old FF games to PC and mobile. With good sprites. Not the awful cheap mobile phone sprites that games like FF V and FF VI use

  9. DamuEmran

    awesome news Square Enix. This game does look awesome and it socking to the west on all consoles. We need more of that here in the west. I hope America,Canada,Uk,The EU support this game

  10. LionHeartXII

    that music… UGH brings me back to playing saga frontier. I'll be picking this one up.

  11. Jeff K

    Now this is how you do a port of a classic SNES game. Not that crap they did to Final Fantasy VI

  12. Goufunaki

    Looking forward to this!

  13. Millenia Williams

    This is coming to the Xbox One too?! Thanks SE!

  14. AliceMana

    i wish this was how they did ffvi for pc

  15. Gonzalo Pulgar

    In spanish pleaseeeeee!!!!!

  16. MahouBakaW

    why advertise new game + if it's only for the smartphone version? Or did someone put the wrong screenshot in the trailer. You would think they would put an exclusive function on a non-phone version to get more money off of it.

  17. KuraudoSutoraifu7

    Michael Fantasy 2!?

  18. ChefJBrDee Gaming

    Holy shit balls!

  19. Syber-VHS

    FF6 deserves a remaster like this

  20. Flegan777

    I can't wait to play this (and Romancing SaGa 3 down the line)! Hurray for SaGa!

  21. OnionKnight11

    Is this the first time that Romancing SaGa 2 is available in English?

  22. Bre Fujimoto


  23. GNARK1LL420

    Glad it is not mobile only.

  24. ShadowRaskolnik

    Excellent, now can you also port Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together to the Switch as well? Please?

  25. cgamyes


  26. Brianstorm

    This looks great, we need more remasters like this!

  27. RazerXP Yugioh

    Nice i'm going to buy it the day it releases on steam thanks for bringing it to PC Square.

  28. Brandon peters


  29. lostn65

    keep remaking older games. Your newer ones are not near the same quality.

  30. Idle Vows

    Should've done this to Secret of Mana…

  31. Nackers69

    Not saga frontier, don't care.

  32. andresgv10

    Hopefully they don't fuck this port up.

  33. Michael Kao

    They put much more effort into this than that awful FF6 remake I played on my phone.

  34. Nikita Urie

    This is what I wanna see from SE, well done

  35. GoblinPunch

    TY SE

  36. Sentinel Roboguard

    thank you for bringing this for Xbox One, not enough RPG's on the system so I appreciate this very much!

  37. gamerprince1999


  38. Brainslug

    Please make a retail release on Switch together with Limited Run Games. Please!

  39. betacrest10

    Already looking forward to what they'll do to Romancing Saga 3 after this. Romancing Saga 3(SNES) is my favorite of the series followed by RS: Minstrel Song on PS2 and the first Saga Frontier on PS1.

  40. Dragon Quarter

    I always wanted to get into Romancing SaGa and I'm very happy this is coming to the West for the first time! With that said I'm confused as to why they're bringing the 2nd one first, and not the 1st game. Either way, I need to get this on Switch!

    I hope I see these kinds of good-looking remasters go multiplatform for FF1-6!

    Oh and how about ActRaiser / Soul Blazer / Illusion of Gaia / Terranigma sometime? 🙂 Love those games <3

  41. Run For Fun !

    Reminds me of how they did the Dragon Quest games on DS. They have me excited.

  42. Silent ButDC

    I've never played any of the saga games. Is the story relatively long? I'm looking for a good turn based RPG for the switch and this looks promising.

  43. nihonjin rikugun

    Never played any of these games before. I just impulse bought it on my Xbox. Im pretty excited for this

  44. PuertoRicanStyL

    I need a hyperbolic time chamber. So many games to play, not enough time. I picked up a PS4 (pro) recently, and I have Neir: Automata, FFXV, Horizon Dawn, Dark Souls 3, Mirrors Edge Catalyst and Uncharted 4 to play (probably forgot something). Then there's the games coming out in the beginning of next year. I'm just friggin swamped! Loving it, though.

  45. James Freedman

    Oh wow!!! I remember reading a preview of this in Nintendo Power in 1992 when I was a kid…I wanted it so badly, was disappointed when it wasn't released here. Only had to wait a quarter of a century! Reasonable enough?

  46. Namata!

    RPG Maker?

  47. NinjaCon

    its about time, sick of this 3d rpg stuff you keep dishing out, 16bit – 32bit game making shouldn't be as hard like it was through the 90s.
    show all the new generation gamers what made you so fucking epic on the nes-snes-gameboy-ps days.

  48. StarDragonJP

    They need to do Romancing SaGa 3 & SaGa Frontier, & add in the stuff that was originally going to be in the games, like Fuse's story in SaGa Frontier. Dude, I wouldn't even complain about about a 40$ + price tag if ya'll did that, I would even pre order it

  49. lilsabin

    SQUARE-ENIX plz , release romancing saga 3 remastered too on xbox one , PRETTY PLZ

  50. lilsabin

    or chrono trigger , Jesus i am having goose bumps , just thinking about it

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