RAYFORCE® Announcement Trailer

An Arcade Shooting Classic Reborn!
The first installment in a space shooting game trilogy that would later grow to include RAYSTORM® and RAYCRISIS™, RAYFORCE caused a sensation when it was released to arcades in 1993. Chronicling humanity’s desperate struggle against a genocidal artificial intelligence, RAYFORCE’s vivid art style and exhilarating new lock-on laser weapon quickly gathered a legion of fans, and this iPhone edition faithfully captures the magic of the arcade edition.

Specially Enhanced for iPhone with Customizable Options and Game Center Support!
RAYFORCE includes a variety of features intended to provide the most optimized iPhone experience possible. Intuitive smartphone controls allow players to guide their X-LAY fighter with simple sliding gestures and a number of customization options have been included, allowing players to change the game to best suit their individual play styles. Purists may choose to view the game with its original arcade aspect ratio, while others may enjoy the game in the full-screen zoomed mode. Manual weapon controls are available for experienced shooting fans, but automatic firing has also been provided for those preferring a button-free experience. Finally, Game Center support with stage-specific global rankings and a wide variety of challenging achievements complete the iPhone experience.



  1. Johnne Candido

    Saudades dos games de naves.

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