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With Rubrum now fighting alone in the battle for peace in Orience, we follow the elite combat force of Class Zero deeper into battle as they improve their skills. We take a closer look at their styles and techniques and study their key methods of combat – including party-based combat, unique abilities, magic and summoning.

Pre-order to secure the FINAL FANTASY XV playable demo available exclusively with FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD while supplies last.

PRE-ORDER NOW: http://bit.ly/fft0_preorder


  1. omega1Face1ultra

    Not interested

  2. omega1Face1ultra

    First comment son!

  3. hhheeeccckkk526

    i honestly think this game is wasted on the ps4 and xbox one. the environments clearly show its just an updated psp game. i think it would be the best to release it on all consoles(ps3,4,360,xbone, and vita) because i cant see myself buying a ps4 for this game.

  4. DamuEmran

    wow its awesome to see Diabolos from ff8 return to final fantasy games. I hears crispin freeman and steven jay blum in this video. 

  5. Up All Night Gaming

    Just pre-ordered my collector's edition, I'll be playing this baby as soon as it arrives to my door in March, right after that FFXV demo of course 😉

  6. 35823582

    Pre ordered already, mainly because I'm a Final Fantasy fan, but I also got it for the Final Fantasy 15 demo.

  7. Brandon

    If they work in groups of 3 there should be 15 of them… Not 14…

  8. Gregory Hickman

    This is going to be epic as hell

  9. Rick Juruaia

    will have subtitles in Portuguese of Brazil???

  10. Tomcat407

    Fuck you Square Enix, I've been waiting 7 years for FFversus13/FF15 and now you're going to make me pay full price for a psp port just to get the demo? Well fuck that

  11. jonnyfendi2003

    Does anyone know in a party of three who are the top choices??…..(for example like in Final Fantasy XIII it was Hope, Lightning, and Fang who were the powerhouse group).

  12. MalcMartian

    I'm very excited for this re-release.

  13. Daniel McGinley

    We all just getting this for FF15 demo don't deny it

  14. frubam

    I'm not going to lie; the FFXV demo is a sweet incentive, but I've heard many-a-good things about this game. I've never played the psp version(didn't have one) and missed a hell of a lot of games, like Trails in the Sky(thank god for the pc Steam release =03). This kinda looks like a throwback to older FF games in terms of environment, and the 14 chars to choose from is really giving me the FFVI vibe(my fav in the series =03). Haven't played a FF game since FFX. I dabbled in FFXIII(about 50% through), but that did not suit my tastes. As I'm getting the system for this, I hope the hype isn't misplaced. 

  15. Etherwinter

    Probably the best most recent FF game. Love it to bits. Felt incredibly sad when it ended. Looking forward to this port. Favourite character is definitely Queen. Especially for the way she fights.

  16. David Whetzel

    Heads up guys Square Enix does not care about you. I got a FFXIV for christmas and it did not come with a registration key. The retailer says mmo games with reg keys are non returnable. Square enix wont help either read below for thier reply to my claim. and mine to thiers. You had your chance Square enix. and all this after weeks of not being able to install the game because thier installer does not work.

    Dear Customer,
    Regarding your request for account support. Please find your answer below.
    We do apologize, but if your game did not come with a required or valid registration code or product key, you will need to approach the retailer who sold it to you and request an exchange or refund. We do apologize but we cannot replace missing or invalid registration codes under any circumstances.
    Thank you for contacting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center

    Okay no problem Ill just throw the game away. You had the chance to get a long time customer back, but I can see that you really do not care. Your game wont even install properly anyway. So after weeks of headaches with your buggy game why should you care about taking care of a customer? The only reason I wanted to play your game is because my father who played FFXI with me passed away before he got a chance to play your new game. Having to wait 5 days just for you to deny the claim you obviously don't care about your subscribers either. Ill make sure to spread this experience through social media. I was looking forward to reliving the times I had with my dad but as I explained in my support email the retailer who my mom purchased it from will not return the game because it does not have the registration key. and you will not help me out because you don't care. So that's just waist-ed money when even if you gave me the game you would have gotten years of subscription fees out of me, and a positive review.

    PS How do you expect to get new players when your digital download and cd install both give constant errors and will not even install the launcher?

  17. Leshain

    Interesting. The Katana wielder Jack interests me the most, If he plays anything like Johnny from Guilty Gear or Virgil (The quick slash type) it'll be fun since those fighting styles are always fast and stylish.

  18. Christian Pringle


  19. Travis S

    lol @ 00:58

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