ONINAKI Official Launch Trailer

The newest action-RPG ONINAKI has arrived! Take on the role of watcher, Kagachi, whose duty is to usher lost souls into the next world. After meeting a mysterious girl named Linne, his fate becomes entwined with blood and death.

Be transported between two striking worlds and engage in exhilarating hack-and-slash battles as you fight to reconnect the living and beyond.


  1. EnSabahNur

    Looking forward to it!

  2. NautoAis

    Too expensive for digital only, it’s not logical, plus no English Dub option?

  3. catz zet

    i need the soundtrack of this one….

  4. kemikkal

    this game wasn't polished enough for me to justfy $50 dollars especially on the switch, the basic attacks felt stiff when i was playing the demo on pc. ill wait until the price drops for this title.


    Looks worth a try. There is a Demo.

  6. NewTable

    I WAS going to buy ONINAKI today but it's only being released physically in Japan and Europe so, guess I'll be keeping my 50 bucks.

  7. DreamyAbaddon

    Another JRPG game I'll buy for my PC! Looks amazing!

  8. QberCat Studio

    Soso. Spoilers not necessary =)

  9. Otaku_GameFan

    Tomohisa Hashizume's performance sounds similar to Toshiyuki Moriwaka's.
    I like that Lynn is in the game. I like her Mufuyu Kirisu from Bokuben. ☺

  10. Millenia Williams

    Not on Xbox? PASS!!!!!

  11. Javi

    No spanish = pirate game.

  12. Bryan Manning

    Hey this looks great,will easily buy it….Oh,everything but Xbox.Well shit.

  13. Mirror Blade

    -Theres prostitute npcs in the game… facepamls.
    -3 out of 4 male daemons are efeminate boys that belong in a gay manga.
    -The plot is quite obtuse and overly dumb yet it takes itself so seriously you'd expect people to behave like actual people and farm a fucking field to end famine or whatever. Too much sentimentality for no reason other than padding a barebones plot and world. And when characters act its because they felt like doing something dumb. Oh im a poor 12 year old girl and my dad is a moron, ill kill him and become a queen… Oh im ugly and the boy i like is cold to me, I'll kill his childhood friend and die seconds later because the story doesnt need me anymore.
    -Boring Linear maps that look the same. Forest type. Rocky type. Sewer type. Old ruins that make no sense type…Super Low enemy variety had me fatigued mid way through the game. Enemies have 1 attack and bosses have maybe 3 sometimes. If you have patience you can cheap kill anything. Very poor AI.

    Overall its a mediocre game. Deliver character designs that appeal broadly rather than give men what they want and and separately give girls what they want ( efeminate men designs). The more checkboxes you tick the worse it is. And get away from the psvita mindset of very low content games with reshuffled content all over the game. Add more mechanics to enemies because they feel lifeless. No more garden variety pets as enemies. Seriously, stupid penguins everywhere. And if you want to make stories that are between teenage and adult limbo then dont use the cutesy approach so i know i have to avoid it. I dont play japanese fantasy games to run into whores and psychopath killers every 20 minutes.

  14. Obito Nagato

    Censored like FFVII remake?

  15. Bradley Head

    Cool trailer. I'm defiantly getting this game when it's on sale.

  16. The Farts and Craps Show

    Hopefully everyone who wants to play this on their channels won't get false copyright claims from companies cashing in on funneling ad revenue from music in Square-Enix games played on YouTube.

  17. konil animation

    ost is amazing

  18. Arlena Ellis

    Yeah remake parasite Eve. Looks good the game???

  19. Azure Sky

    Radiata stories remake in this style would be hype ?

  20. BaF 818

    The Story and the Gameplay is so good, please more of this!

  21. Beast1431

    I think it’s important we get to work on final fantasy 3/6 remaster. Not remake

  22. abode osama


  23. Unknown Person

    Hey Square Enix how about Sleeping Dogs 2,did you release it?

  24. kefka roth

    it would be nice if square gave us the long awaited ff3 remake 2d (16 bit snes style or even the ps1/psp style). just not another 3d version. ff3 is the sole ff black sheep of the 2d remakes

  25. CanCer

    mayura ლ( ͡°; ͜ʖ ͡;°ლ)

  26. Yogi Surya Saputra

    Pls remake FFIX

  27. 치맥콤보

    한글화좀 해줘요~~ 제발~

  28. Richard Inks

    Not a fan. Got bored very quickly from the repetitive hack n slash combat and refunded the game on Steam.

  29. HavocDR2

    Oni Naki? Demon Cry? Devil Cry? Devil May Cry?

  30. Nancy King-Hoffman

    Looks interesting to say the least to bad it's Japan only and more then likely not on ps2 system's I wouldn't mind taking the game itself out for a test drive to see what happened but I'll never get the chance to play it myself??

  31. Pollo Gamer

    make one RPG game for mobile!

  32. Hanif Mazlan

    Game suggestion: solo player 3rd person drama storyline isekai mmorpg anime style game

  33. HicksZ34

    Loving the music!

  34. Jon H

    Looks like another half-assed anime hack and slash with generic anime character stereotypes

  35. Matthew Mosqueda

    This looks like a really good game. Square Enix makes the most symbolic and riveting stories ever imagined with immersive gameplay and connection to characters. I am so proud of you all. I look forward to seeing everything in your genre of RPG game, especially the unfolding of the stories… Thank you.

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