ONINAKI E3 Release Date Reveal Trailer (Closed Captions)

ONINAKI will be available globally on 22nd August 2019. The E3 trailer highlights some of the mysteries that Kagachi will encounter during his epic adventure between the world of the Living and the realm of the Beyond.

Arriving on 22nd August 2019 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Add to Steam Wishlist: https://sqex.link/xy8

Learn more at www.oninaki.com.

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  1. FueledToGame


  2. PMonkey03 PS4

    Why are you still updating final Fantasy 14 if you haven’t even finished making the DLC for Final Fantasy 15?

  3. EnragedEric

    No Gex, minus Five Stars

  4. Chris Summers

    Cool how much?

  5. Blazer Ball34

    Remaster Parasite Eve 1.

  6. Aline Piroutek

    It would be fun if the Switch version outsells the PS4 one.

  7. Zev Zero

    Physical release please!!

  8. Émerson Espinoza

    Hey Square enix remake Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Tactics from ps4, tactics versus mode online plis!

  9. xxnike629xx

    Looks good! Is this digital download only for PS4? I hope it gets a physical release.

  10. ninjammer726

    first day buy!!!!!!!

  11. Daruga

    Interesting to see the improvements they do to each game since I am Setsuna

  12. Kevin

    Por que putas son tan fanboys de sony, square Enix putos fanboys con sus mamadas de exclusivos temporales

  13. Renan Klavier

    I'm looking forward to this game. I just think the text box looks ugly and doesn't fit well with the visuals of the game. It would also be cool if the text had characters portraits, their faces are already unexpressive so texts need more sense of emotion. Otherwise combat looks fast and fluid, really like it.

  14. Heavenly King

    this looks like a mobile game :S

  15. MuraiMustDie

    Please release it physically in the West!

  16. ayush yash

    remake parasite eve

  17. Tumult

    A new Bravely Default would be nice

  18. Pedro Canas

    Dont remaster parasite eve. Do better, make a new game that resets the franchise.

  19. Chris Illingworth

    Looking forward to play this on the go.

  20. Shendue

    No physical copy, no buy.

  21. Tony Pugliese

    Ok, we'll play this on the PS4. Meanwhile, could you get Octopath running on the PS4 as well?

  22. Kirky Plays

    I find it funny people used to bitch about remakes/remasters of games… now people beg for them in comment sections like this… I'd personally rather see the time and money put into new IP's instead of something I've already played. Those games already exist, so they can already be played whenever we want.

    With that being said… This game looks pretty good. I may pick it up on PC.

  23. taie323

    I like Square Enix but I was hoping to get a few turn based games, seems like they almost completely moved away from the old turn based system, it saddens my heart.

  24. Greenjah81

    Lol Oninaki? Sounds like annunaki ?

  25. Kyle M

    Looks like it'll be pretty awesome to play on Steam.

  26. Fourleaf Clover

    Ugh… 22nd August…

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