ONINAKI Demo Trailer

Playable demo of the action RPG ONINAKI.

The ONINAKI Demo includes a “Story Mode” that lets you experience the opening part of an epic tale about life, death and reincarnation, and “Battle Mode” where you can enjoy thrilling combat using an upgraded character possessed by four daemons that perform different job roles. You can also carry your progress from Story Mode over to the full game.

Steam: https://sqex.link/h3v
PS4 Demo: https://sqex.link/g63
PS4 Pre-order: https://sqex.link/8t3


  1. Media Dragon Chile

    SPANISH LANGUAGE??????????????????????

  2. Renan Klavier

    I want a physical release in the west please! ?

  3. David Ribeiro

    Welp, guess im gonna have to resort to play asia again

  4. Nick Lieftink

    Looks very nice i want to have it!

  5. DizzieDee

    I'd love a physical copy of this game 🙁

  6. Musou Tensei

    Thank you for releasing a demo.

  7. badmaaash

    Playing the demo right. So far so good. Hope it’s not overpriced like the other tokyo rpg titles were on release. Quit that bs squaresoft

  8. Cuprite

    I've only just realized that there's no physical copy outside of Japan for this game because of this video's comments.
    If it automatically sets itself to English like Okami did, I'll import this one if I decide to buy it.

  9. King Kazuya

    Played the demo. Boring. A generic A-RPG with boring gameplay that is just mashing the Y button and cliched characters with no proper introduction. I know nothing about the main character, his daemon, Kagura, and her daemon. I don't know this cast's basic traits other than angry anime protagonist, sword woman, and kind anime lady. They even have the balls to start off with the dead parents trope. This game is not worth playing, skip it.

  10. Flareboxx

    Looks like an indie game

  11. TallulahSoie

    All of your RPGs are button mashing action these days, SE.
    Even FFVIIR has been ruined by it.

  12. DamuEmran

    no xbox1 version? I mean come on SE this is a westen release of a JRPG and we them on all consoles.

  13. PrincessEevee99

    Thank you kindly for the Demo! Now gimme the Physical Edition at Best Buy!

  14. The_Real_Big_Boss

    looks good, gonna get this on Steam

  15. Chip Chapley

    why am i getting a Koji Igarashi vibe from this?

  16. Kyo RenZ Gaming

    ONINAKI DEMO PC GAMEPLAY 60 FPS, on my channel

  17. NIXNE

    This game is amazing from the bit i played

  18. Johnathon Smith

    4seconds in, I'm not watching any more and not buying this.

  19. K M

    Reminda me of Falcom's Y's games.

  20. Станислав Матвиенко

    Japan Diablo? (0_o)

  21. Blazer Ball34

    Remake Parasite Eve 1 and 2.

  22. Mic Dy

    english voice?

  23. Fahri Scrawing

    Can you sell final fantasy classic from gog.com?

  24. Chaika Gaz

    I studied a little bit of buddhism but i was told if you suicide you dont get to be reincarnated but in this game the cultists that suicided did go to reincarnate? What kind of bullshit are they spouting?

  25. Callm3James

    Playing the demo now. While I do enjoy the game, my gripe is the fact that you cannot dodge until an entire action is completed. I.e. your attack chain is complete or you get hit by an enemy before you can dodge.

  26. Rafidz Radzi

    look like rune factory to me

  27. Daphinence

    looks like a fun time to me i really dig the art style
    hopefully there is tons of details put into this game.

  28. Blem Blem

    I was jealous the girl has a sickle and cooler Darmon until my Daemon became my bff

  29. Akbar Haryanto

    Hello square enix 🙂
    I just want to say : can you please remake one of the best and my favorite game please .. the game is final fantasy x . Thanx ,hope my dream come true 🙂 miss you lady yuna

  30. Alan Escareno

    My Dream is to bring Sleeping Dogs back and make available on Nintendo Switch.

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