ONINAKI – Daemon Trailer

Watch the ONINAKI Daemon Trailer to learn more about equipping your character with special Daemon attacks which enhance your skills and abilities. Uncover the mysteries of life, death and what’s beyond as you move between the Living World and the realm of the dead, known as the Beyond, in the highly anticipated RPG: ONINAKI.

Arriving Summer 2019 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Learn more at www.oninaki.com.

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  1. No Commentary Gameplay

    "demon naki"
    looks good…but WHY are the movement/animation and attacks so DAMN slow!?????

  2. Erision

    Does this have co op

  3. AriesWarlock13

    Looks like a very slow Y's game.

  4. Gean C

    This looks really cool!

  5. Raydenf1

    Is this co op?

  6. Barry-Allen The-Flash

    I really dig this music; expected 100% Eastern sound, obviously, but there's like a bit of, like, an Irish flair, gives it kind of a European fairy tale vibe. The game doesn't look it, but it sounds like Square's old PSOne and PS2 games from the era of Legend of Mana, Threads of Fate, Radiata Stories and Romancing Saga Minstrel's Song and that is a high compliment.

  7. Abraham Jacob

    This looks awesome, kind of reminds me of Dragon nest.

  8. Leonel Perdomo

    diablo is that you? XD

  9. Guilherme Amorim

    But, when we going to see Chrono Trigger Remake? =]

  10. MrValgard

    fighting is so slow, but still have slow-motion slashes, why -.-

  11. SlavioAraragi

    The music is art style is like right from my dream. I want!

  12. atlaspressed

    Wow, this trailer really sold me on the combat, I'm defiantly getting it now.

  13. DRaGão Azul

    00:58 DRG style <3

  14. Daniel Jimenez

    that was sick

  15. marcimousie

    Wow :O

  16. deleth

    m….. i think this game need to change those characters models for 2d sprites…
    or get rid of that slow motion effect, or maybe adding some frame skip could help, idk, something feels awkward for me.

  17. Dragoon

    Always glad when their are scythe weapons in a game.

  18. NathanJ Rodey

    Great! Please make it open world so we can return to areas and I'm assuming there will be a way to level the favoured Daemons?

  19. mechaFoxs

    okay i'm convinced. I added this to my steam's wishlist. Also has this dragon's crown feel to it.

  20. pseudokings

    If the "no Switch physical release in the west" news is true, that is extremely uncool of you Square Enix.

  21. Lordjcs Santos

    looks great, i cant wait to take him on pc

  22. Shawn R

    Day one buy if it has a physical release

  23. maroom1

    I loved I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphere
    So, I will buy this for sure on PC. The graphics also look better than the previous games

  24. Cyroxxfulable

    Diablo 3 + Anime = Oninaki

  25. Kes

    Im interested in this jojo

  26. Shay Ó Laoghaire

    Ok but where is sleeping dogs 2 square enix. We need it

  27. Rowan G.

    This looks fantastic! Another good addition for the Square Enix shelf! ♡

  28. PMonkey03 PS4

    Can you at least give us the remaining story of Final Fantasy XV we are missing with Episode Aranea, Episode Lunafreya, and Episode Noctis? This is story actual details and telling us what would happen is the least you could do, if you don’t finish the content after the new game releases.

  29. Cory Miller

    Combat looks slow…… Maybe it's just a matter of learning the pace of the game, hope so.

  30. Viktor Akoona

    Can't wait for this!

  31. twztid13

    Looks great but I've learned my lesson about getting excited for games before they release (took 30 years). I wasn't feeling the last 2 games they've developed, so maybe action rpg will fare better for them (tho i love turn based rpgs in general).

  32. Adam Jaroszewski

    I need physical copy of this…

  33. Renan Klavier

    Would be perfect with couch coop.

  34. Dalacoix lankinpark

    Look like sleeping pills

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