ONINAKI – Character Reveal Trailer

Watch the ONINAKI Character Reveal Trailer to learn more about main protagonist Kagachi and get a glimpse of the characters he meets whilst on his journey to protect Life, after Death. Players will uncover the mysteries of life, death and what’s beyond as they moving between the Living World and the realm of the dead known as the Beyond.

Arriving Summer 2019 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.


  1. Jose Krimzon

    mmm intresting

  2. MrBorderdown

    The world doesn't need anymore mobile quality mediocre weeb garbage.

  3. David Tronche

    is this yoshida on the chara design? nice.

  4. HappySolarSystem

    It’s so obvious the Night Devil guy is the main character but from the future. They each have a red eye and Devil mentions how he couldn’t save “them,” AKA, your party members. I could be wrong, but I’m calling it. Lol

  5. Treyanokouji4832


  6. Hein Soe


  7. ninjammer726

    day one buy enough said

  8. Leonardo Moura


  9. Gu mi

    come chines pls

  10. Myo Mus

    RPG? Yummmm

  11. Blake Dingjan

    Anyone know if it’ll have an English dub version. I’m too tired to go researching

  12. محمد بن علي

    What with the grabage graphics?! HEY! we're in 2019 not 2009!

  13. MuraiMustDie

    Physical release please

  14. M Huh

    More white people games.

  15. Mariusz Adamczyk

    Quite compelling!

  16. James Warren

    I'm so glad that Tokyo RPG Factory is still working. This is exactly what I want to see from them, and I can't wait to play this! The art style is perfect. Please give this a physical release.

  17. Josh Johnson

    Possible to change….versus 13 said the same thing…

  18. Bantorain 93R

    Tokyo RPG keeps getting little things wrong with their games. Setsuna had the settings looking similar, Lost Sphear had the Exosuit System not feasible until the very end, but Oninaki seems nice! They’re learning from their mistakes and so long as they’re careful they’ll have a 10/10 game… I just hope they actually do that and price it well because Setsuna and Lost Sphear were good games and I would hate for their talent to be lost.

  19. Michael Monka

    I think persona art style would have completed it better. But this game does look interesting. Hope to see more soon.

  20. BaccaratLab

    what is this? Where's my next kingdom hearts?

  21. Warp Star

    That is really cool!


    Oh bloody yes

  23. AntDaGamer*ADGRetirementGamePlusEntertainment

    Now, this looks like an adventure to look out for.

  24. Derek Byron

    I just want a release date already! Summer 2019? We talkin' 3 months away or 6?!

  25. God Step

    And for Xbox one?

  26. Granny Blue

    I don't usually play these types of games, but I would try this one, Looks awesome.

  27. ShelterFromCold

    Hoping for that physical release!

  28. Frost Man7

    Dear square enix can you do a sailor moon 3d rpg that plays like kingdom hearts and final fantasy please????

  29. The lancer from timeline 100

    It's not super mario rpg hd.

    Please give us super mario rpg hd

  30. Ron Yuma

    its coming to switch..thank you

  31. DIM David

    Para cuándo vamos a tener Dragón quest Monsters super light en Europa

  32. TheYouTubeBoy

    So many dislikes how can they even be proud of this? Embarrassing. Should save themselves the time and money to make this disastrous game.

  33. Tim Richard

    Come one Squenix, why are we still not doing English dubs in 2019…?

  34. FantasyNero

    PS4 2019 Game look like Mobile graphics? Why Square Enix?

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