ONINAKI Announcement Trailer

Watch the announcement trailer for the all-new action-RPG ONINAKI. ONINAKI tells the story of one Watcher on a journey to protect Life, after Death. Players will uncover the mysteries of life, death and what’s beyond as protagonist, Kagachi moving between the Living World and the realm of the dead known as the Beyond.

Arriving Summer 2019 on PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™ and STEAM®.

Find out more at http://www.oninaki.com #ONINAKI


  1. Katoncito Atlantica

    Oninoctis??? XD

  2. mercenary128

    Looks actually cool. And the chibi style makes every girl look like lolis 😀

  3. Tamary 19


  4. Azril Azman

    Ahh the Japan dubs better than englishu

  5. Infinite Zion

    Looks interesting

  6. ¬ ×erαliZε ¬

    Here I am – it's 1:16am – sitting in my dark room full of regret; lost in thoughts, desperately looking for a way out of this mess I never wanted to be in. How the hell did I end up here? Did that really just happen to me? Happen to who? To me, the one that got abandoned by the exact people he used to call family… a while ago. When exactly was the last time I felt that way about them? Felt… in relation to? Family. What is a family? Define this term for me. Because I am not sure what a family is good for anymore. How come? Abandoned. Rejected. Forgotten. Ignored. All these things come to mind when I hear the word 'family'. Family, a term that is supposed to invoke warmth and savety in your heart. But what do I know? I can't even remember the last time I genuinely felt that way. And now, here I am – it's already 1:50am, and nothing has changed. Will it ever change? What? This feeling. What feeling? Let me ask you a question instead. How does a trashcan feel after it got emptied?

    -an abandoned soul; looking for a way out

  7. Senji Kim

    Oh dang it's a game lol. I thought it was a movie or something

  8. matt k

    i used to equate square enix with quality. it's sad to see them fall so far from their glory days. meh

  9. Eloise Cole

    It's a mobile game right? … right?

  10. The Flan

    Looks rather interesting. Not sure if it would be worth 60$ maybe 40$ tops, but even then id probably still rather pay 60 for something like this then most of the AAA games we've been getting lately.

  11. Drajzool

    gameplay looks alright i suppose. I'd need to see what the character customization in terms of stats/gear is like though.

  12. Anna Lillian

    It looks retro I like it

  13. Jeremiah Olide

    this game looks beautiful and promising hopefully the soundtrack is good thats what we need and forgot to mention a good story too lets get hype for it babywoot WOOOOOOT

  14. Let me sleep in peace

    Reminds me a little of soul reaver.

  15. mewberi

    looks fun, with a little tweaking i feel they have something special on their hands here!

  16. Alex Bojorquez

    I want this!

  17. Grievlocke

    I'm kind of over this sort of aesthetic I think. You guys enjoy.

  18. Efrain Rodriguez

    His parents died …….. so you're the protagonist

  19. ITwas

    Meh.. The game looks semi interesting but since it's square enix, they'll find a way to fuck it up somehow.

  20. Delusional-Shadow

    so pretty!

  21. Sara Ellw

    Looks good!

  22. AiFudSeusDonuts

    Looks like a mobile game

  23. cancerous lump

    It looks kinda cool

  24. TheGianxi

    I would have rathered a rpg turn based but that's ok

  25. Joe West

    This looks really fun!

  26. pryt86

    The art is beautiful.

  27. Jane Doe

    Looking forward to playing this.

  28. Skutchi

    Is this description written by an AI?

  29. MrKnaives

    Honestly, It could use higher quality texture. No excuses.

  30. maddoggnick96

    I like Tokyo RPG Factory’s games. I don’t mean this negatively, but why not try giving them a chance with an old Square Enix IP?

  31. ninjammer726

    giving this game a college try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Waldschatten

    Sorry, Tokyo RPG Factory, but Square Enix adding always online DRM to my copy of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster with the March Update has put them on my total boycott list, a place previously only held by Ubisoft, please let me know if there's a way to buy this game without supporting your publisher who likes to steal from their paying customers.

  33. pmanlicious

    I’m setsuna was really sad game tho, but the game is too short
    I will give this game a chance

  34. AlcaTraZ

    The music tho

  35. barbe00brune

    tokyo rpg factory already done with turned based rpgs?? looks good tho but I hope they will still do old school turned base combat rpgs in the future

  36. Chaika Gaz

    No physical release in the west wtf! Fucking hate when they do this shit

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