Octopath Traveler – Challenge Yourself Trailer

Are you ready for the highly-acclaimed RPG coming to Steam? Play as the eight different characters each setting on their own path and challenge yourself with these eight challenges! Can you complete all eight? Number 7 is exceptionally hard, so as H’annit would say, “Comen if thou daren!”

Pre-Purchase today and get a set of stunning wallpapers and prepare for the epic journey on June 7, 2019. sqex.link/octocha6


  1. Dylan

    Mfw have done all this

  2. Axel Thunderpaw

    I'll max out the characters when i can re fight bosses

    And wow a few of these are MASSIVE spoilers

  3. Jose Cuellar

    New monster dlc pack

  4. Adventurer Mite

    Already did this on my Switch but why not do it again

  5. Emo Otaku

    I pray for a sequel

  6. gerardo ancayan

    Did they just spoil gate of finis

  7. Reaped San

    I don't see why these were challenges when all but the 7th were all givens.

  8. GoreMagician 05

    How would completing the game using only one character work? Would there have to be exceptions to this rule because of how the party system forces you to have your starting character and the chapter character in your party? I might be wrong about that. But I also think that it wouldn’t be impossible IN THEORY. Olberic sounds like the easiest character to do challenge 7 but that’s still saying a lot.

    Also this game would have REALLY benefited from dlc even with all the content it already has. But I’m only talking about stuff like more bosses, boss rematches, and more dungeons to help max out character levels since the highest level enemies won’t bring you to that.

  9. Bolt 3887

    Okay on steam I still gotta beat the gane I have 50 hours on it already and haven’t played in months

  10. Exuin1

    Isn't all this besides the one character challenge just 100%ing the game?

  11. Crysi Crysis

    Oh geeze who would you solo with?
    Alph, Olberic, Haanit, and maybe Tress would be my first thoughts.
    Is it even possible to solo run with Pili or Prim? Or Cy for that matter.
    Now I just want to do a solo Therion run just. Because I can. Or. Possibly could. This isn’t going to end well…

  12. guthertheman

    This game ain't even hard just grind it out

  13. Georgius

    The real challenge is making yourself buy this for 60$$

  14. Just a Ducc

    I hope they make a sequel to this game… the story could have been so much better.

    A game like Persona 5 handled having lots of characters really well because it was a linear experience.

    Characters were introduced one at a time and they all had a stake in the ONE BIG STORY. For me, Octopath was telling 8 separate mini-stories all vying for your attention. It made everything feel really disconnected.

    If one of my characters fails in their quest to kill the big baddie of their story, why should I care? I have seven other characters and their failure/victory probably won't have any effect on each other's lives. The other characters don't even appear in cutscenes!

    The lack of character interaction is another thing that really ruined the plot for me. You go to that character's starting town, do their quest, and they join your party because ??? In Persona 5, new characters join your team because they have their own personal stakes in the problem you're currently facing. In Octopath, new characters join your party because "it's the right thing!" I know there's the "Travel Banter" feature, but it doesn't really add anything to the overall plot.

    In Persona 5, failure to complete a mission meant that everybody in your party was affected one way or another. All party members are literally gambling their lives and I CARE that they are because of the things that are on the line for them if they lost.

    These problems all stem from the fact that Octopath is an open-world game.

    NOT EVERY GAME HAS TO BE OPEN-WORLD TO BE GOOD. Nothing is wrong with linearity.

    You can unlock characters in any order and you can do their quests at anytime you want. There is no "one big plot" because there simply can't be with how the game is designed. If Octopath was linear, it could have:

    a. a main villain that I actually care about defeating because ALL the characters I meet have a stake in the plot, and

    b. more character interaction.

    These two things could have elevated this game from a 7.5/10 to a 10/10 for me.

    There is too much potential in this IP and it would be a shame to see all this go to waste. The visuals, music, gameplay, character design, and combat are all exceptional. The plot, pretty much the most important aspect of any JRPG, is lacking.

    I'm seriously hoping for a sequel with a better plot!

    I'm sorry if none of the things here make any sense, btw. I wrote this at like 2AM ?

  15. DrakeDrawzz

    still waiting for it to come to ps4 / xbox lol

  16. Jonato

    Challenge accepted ^ once I get the game that is

  17. GTX nightshade

    Challenge accepted and done thanks guys please make a dlc I'm so addicted I completed over 20 times already and on my 5th play through on the pc I love this game

  18. Steelwhale

    It was cool and all until Step 6. I may not have a life, but I still need to maintain my sleep schedule.

  19. kingjonny

    Love this game, tho I suck at it

  20. Evil Koala

    How about you challenge yourself Square?
    You have been releasing shitty games for the past years.

  21. F

    Awowkwokwok, bang octo

  22. Angry Furret

    Wait what’s the super boss?

  23. Felipe Guzmán

    Come on Square…. where's NEW GAME+ ….if you don't add it to OT at least do it for the sequel

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