Nintendo Switch – I Am Setsuna Launch Trailer

The journey of Setsuna and her guardians arrives on Nintendo Switch, available in the Nintendo eShop on March 3rd, 2017!

The island had a custom…
To maintain peace, once a decade a sacrifice was offered to a fiend on the island. However, one year the fiend grew violent before the next sacrifice was due. Those living on the island were afraid and tried to calm the fiend by offering a sacrifice – Setsuna, chosen because of her powers of enchantment. Setsuna must leave with her safeguards for the farthest land, where the ceremony of sacrifice will be held…

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  1. Bad Gamers


  2. Thundervolt

    Give us the Cloud Amiibo plz ;;;-;;;

  3. thieftheodore

    physical release please, even a limited print will do!


    4th lol

  5. Hector Acevedo

    Please translate it into spanish square enix..

  6. Lord Hellsky

    Physical copies of the game pleasee

  7. TallulahSoie

    While I'm glad this game is expanding the Switch is just a piece of hot garbage.


    nintendo switch can eat raw bacon out of my ass…

  9. Switch Low

    yes, it is cool, but the price was over 450usd and not including game , not everyone can affordable it

  10. Black Knight

    No vais a ver un duro mio y de mucha gente hasta que no hagais traducción al español. Vosotros sabreis Square Enix.

  11. Gavin Vengeance

    For anyone wondering, this is a fantastic RPG which really strikes the nostalgia chords of fans of old school games such as Chrono Trigger. The story has plenty similarities to Final Fantasy X as well. Definitely worth the purchase!

  12. Joey Cruz

    Love that song in the background. looks like a fun classic rpg might get the ps4 version

  13. nibYT


  14. catokeeffe

    Did they still not bother to dub the voices?

  15. Plus Ultra

    "When my journey comes to an end, so too will my life…"

    Well shit.

  16. Indigo Gaming

    Been wanting to get my hands on this. Has Chrono Trigger written all over it.

  17. Purianite

    I recently decided to get myself a Switch in the near future, and this was one of the games I wanted for it. But no physical release is a dealbreaker.

  18. NanoWasabi

    I am Yuna

  19. [комментарий удалён]

    Делайте больше игр, пожалуйста!))
    У вас чертовски хорошо получается!!

  20. Daemon C

    Nintendo: Zero innovation.
    How long are you people going to let them get away with milking the same games re-skinned?

  21. cory feddersen

    this could pass for a 3ds game not really for switch tbh

  22. Zadion Apocalaya

    The original trailer was better honestly.

  23. Canada-Eh99

    A definite download for me on Switch!

  24. Joshua Smith

    I have no idea why these types of games are popular.

  25. Zahros

    slightly dissapointed with the 30fps lock on this version, but I'll probably still pick it up for the portability factor

  26. michael anthony hilario

    Well many people will be very happy for the switch

  27. TheMalibuLizard

    It was a good game but, there are only so many hours of walking around visibly similar areas (the whole game is set in a snowy landscape, with the occasional Ice cavern or snowy town) before it gets boring to look at. Same with the music, it's beautiful for first few hours but after a while you kind of wish there was atleast a second musical instrument being played. Besides that, if you can get past the mediocre storyline, the combat system is very reminiscent of chrono trigger which is awesome, although without grinding or doing side quests somehow you still end up over powered by mid-game. I'm hoping they've re balanced the enemies somewhat for this port because the combat and art style are what keeps this game pulling you in.
    That all said, I do hope there is a spiritual sequel in the works, with much more variety in every aspect of the game, from enemies, towns, landscapes, soundtracks etc.

  28. iamSketchH

    I'm kind of getting a Tales of Symphonia / Final Fantasy X vibe from it.

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