NieR:Automata – One-Year Fan Celebration

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To all the fans who sent us heartfelt messages to the NieR:Automata development team, thank you! From the cosplay photos, art, video messages, as well as the personal testimonials at the Los Angeles fan meet-up, we felt all of your immense support.

Glory to Mankind!


  1. Fa_Riot 1982

    Thank you, Mr. Yoko Taro. Greetings from Spain.

    Gracias por Nier Automata, Sr. Yoko Taro, saludos desde España.

  2. broderick black

    So now he has full cult great now he can only grow I can't wait for that Nier horror game so awesome to see Klye Mcarley and operater 210 great job everyone

  3. Next Level Gaming

    Nice , good.

  4. cavemancolton

    How about you celebrate by finally patching the PC version?

  5. lcc284

    An awesome game that I will always treasure. Wish I still had the first one. Thank you for taking the risk and giving us an awesome sequel to such a noche game. Love to the story.

  6. RuneKatashima

    Operator 6O is too pure for this world.

  7. XGamingStormX

    there's already a known 3rd party pc patch that you can download. do your research before you beg.

  8. Gürer Özdil

    "Glory To Mankind" to all NieR fans of the world.

  9. ReiPlayS

    Congratulations on the one year Anniversary of NieR:Automata. I love this game. Thank Yoko Taro, Platinum games and Square Enix for this game. I look forward to seeing more of the Beautiful World of NieR. Please make more videogames Yoko Taro!!!???

  10. YoRHa UNIT A2

    Glory to all YoRHa units and Emil… ohh and can we ge an HD collection of Drakengard 1,2,3 for ps4 please

  11. Kiritsugu Emeya

    Song name??????

  12. Seta Entertainment


  13. DZ@J

    The man of the moon…. hehe

  14. DZ@J

    Damn it Nier and Drakengard series and your existential crises spamming has made me ponder too much about the meaning of life and the futureeeeeee!!! ??

  15. Mahmoud Mohammed

    Yes, rerelease the black box please!!!

  16. Camilla Pierre

    Thank you so much for creating such a good game !

    And wow its already a year.Time flies 😀

  17. Maki Ruby Rose

    Automata is such an amazing game! Hopefully we can get more in some form of more dlc or something

  18. Eddy De La Cruz

    I really the soundtrack. I need to play this game again xD

  19. j castro gamer

    Can you put kingdom hearst on the swich

  20. Dia Nuevo

    Square enix, please understand thst if you give us the collection of drankenguard, we would buy it no question asked.
    As I if you want our wallets, just give us the drakengard collection.
    I promise you won't feel disappointed by the sales.


    dear Square Enix! his song (the final fantasy thema) is being used, in a music video of "MC livinho"! I wonder if you guys will let him use your music ?! if no! feel free to process it

  22. Marcello Pedrosa

    A rich rapper uses your melody (Final Fantasy) ->

  23. Luis Julio please remove This vídeo

  24. 1000 subs Man please

    Best game in the world please make Sequel soon. RIP A2 and 210 Waifu for life.

  25. 1000 subs Man please

    Where Ray Chase.

  26. 1000 subs Man please

    I bought a PS4 just for this game only.

  27. Jakker Green

    I'm so satisfied that I saw the voice actors
    Adam's voice is the best part of the character

  28. Allan Matts


  29. Kazuto

    best saga ever made

  30. Press Start

    There is a slideshow I made for you!
    Click the link below!

  31. moth man


  32. ZOYAmVx

    No PC patch for performance,1 year onwards. Ignoring all present issues and making a new version for Xbox One. Square, I don't know why you put the effort to do that and not make a patch that might only take you 5 minutes. I don't understand.

  33. laiden25


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