NieR:Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition | Launch Trailer

The NieR:Automata™ Game of the YoRHa Edition is now available on PS4 and Steam and comes packed with DLC and bonus content for the full experience of the award-winning post-apocalyptic action RPG, including:

All Players Receive:
• 3C3C1D119440927 Expansion DLC*
• Cardboard Pod Skin
• Retro Grey Pod Skin
• Retro Red Pod Skin
• Grimoire Weiss Pod
• Machine Mask Accessory

Players on PS4 / PSN Receive:
• Set of 15 PS4™ Avatars
• PS4™ Dynamic Theme
• amazarashi Head Pod Skin
• Play System Pod Skin

Players on Steam Receive:
• Valve Accesssory
• Set of 2 Wallpapers


  1. TAEY LOO Orbit forever number 1

    2B or not 2B.

  2. Man in Tidy Whities

    Played this from start to finish last year on PS4, played as 2B in Soul Calibur 6, and now hearing about a rerelease now.

    Dammit Square Enix just put 2B in Smash Ultimate already

  3. Nexiile

    Please make a dlc where I get to have sex with 2B

  4. 5hane9ro

    Time to give my favorite game more money, it deserves it

  5. Luis Barragan

    Nier Automata is my favorite most disappointing game ive ever played. And that frustrates me to NO END!

  6. Lord DaVinci

    Physical copy for Xbox One

  7. BlindPackRat

    No patch, no buy on pc.

  8. Fernando Vega

    Pinche juegazo, cuando uno cree que ya se acabo el juego….ni madres aún continúa, mi juego favorito a partir de ahora <3

  9. The Milhouse Experience

    Remember your pain! The pain of having your fandom stolen from you!

  10. Bearty

    Didn’t Xbox fanboys say PS4 would never get this edition tables have turned

  11. Exolve

    It seems you can't even upgrade the standard on Steam for the extras if you alredy have the game… wow…

  12. SurvivorRabbiT

    What the hell is going on with PC port?
    Where's the fix? Why owners of standart edition cannot upgrade to Yorha edition?

  13. Lucas Martins Lira

    best butt of the year

  14. SilentOcalypz

    Fix the PC port

  15. abrahamWCE

    if Sony orders you to censor or remove stuff from the next Drag on Dragoon/Nier, make it for Switch/Steam/XBOX1 instead

  16. TheBah89

    Where is PC patch??????

  17. Nicholas Saini

    Welp good thing I waited.

  18. Dynasty Star

    Does this one come without Denuvo so that I'll buy it?

  19. myk sanchez

    Looks like the 2017 edition to me. Now back to our regularly scheduled fapping of 2B taken by the purple robots in the factory…

  20. Адамусука Осеротто

    They didn`t fix PC version, assholes

  21. Demi

    Stop being cheap and fix the PC port. Japanese developers are cheap as hell and underpaid anyways. Make the fans happy and your reputation won't just be tied to 2B's ass.

  22. Dante Kenway

    I don't have a pc, but it sounds like you guys need to fix the pc port?

  23. Tea Vice

    Oh god, English DUBS, it BURNSSSS

  24. Ivan Bautista

    Simply beautiful and amazing, i love 2B.

  25. Kurama~kun

    Throw in the Memories of Puppets theme and I'll bite tbh

  26. Kalio - Release The Snyder Cut!

    Versus XIII?

  27. Zero Eduardo C.M

    Glory to mankind!

  28. tot bela

    This has to be one of the biggest scams in recent years for pc users:( Too bad cos the core game itself is great!

  29. Rafidz Radzi

    just fix the pc port, because the game is to slow….

  30. Villains

    i never bought a single SE Japanese port game on steam after Nier. at least fix the goddamn fullscreen resolution bug you lazy bum.

  31. Saurius


  32. The Demon Mercenary 03

    This game should be censored to be rated T

  33. Phoenix Creative Media

    welp good a time as any to get this master piece.

  34. Sultan Zaidan

    Dont think about buying this game. it is full of bugs and many retarded,half backed and sorry asss title.. the story is good but the performance is garbage for a game made in 2017. SQ sould be ashamed for not doing anything to it i regret buying this crap. my advice to you not to buy this game and help sorry lazy developers cash in easy money. game files gets corrupted both on pc and consoles, no resolution fix so far only through some third party shady stuff, performance beyond garbage, low rez textures all over the place and lastly stupid AI. lastly vote with your wallet if you want this to be fixed, don't help greedy developers. i hope evey gamer would see this and reconsider funding other good companies who holds paramount customer service and after sales services

  35. バッレスシレンジヴィ

    Hello, for those who are interested in buying this magnificent game, I invite you to go over here Also, if you want to listen at the great soundtrack, it is available in the iTunes Music Store by typing "NieR:Automata (Original Soundtrack)" in the search bar of the software or I recommend you this link And, finally once again, this game and the album are prodigious, thank you Ladies and Gentlemen of SQUARE ENIX, PlatinumGames and MONACA. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ╲(^o^)╱.

  36. Weed Wagon

    A Nintendo Switch port would be very nice Square enix

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