NieR:Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition Dynamic Theme

The NieR:Automata™ Game of the YoRHa Edition is available now on PS4™! It comes packed with DLC and bonus content for the full experience of the award-winning post-apocalyptic action RPG, including this exclusive dynamic theme.

NieR:Automata™ Game of the YoRHa Edition also includes:
• 3C3C1D119440927 Expansion DLC
• Cardboard Pod Skin
• Retro Grey Pod Skin
• Retro Red Pod Skin
• Grimoire Weiss Pod
• Machine Mask Accessory
• Set of 15 PS4™ Avatars
• amazarashi Head Pod Skin
• Play System Pod Skin


  1. koukto bleach

    If it not dynamic or no music I don't want it also keep it to your self sqear enix now is imbaresmant


    How can I get it ??

  3. traxdata1100

    can I get that picture of 2b and 9S

  4. Exo_Eve

    Wait can we who bought the standard edition of the game like a year ago get the acsessories and pod skins in a seperate dlc or they keeping it from us like the day one edition. I hope not. I love the game and the grimmore wiess pod is the dream

  5. Honster Munter

    One of the best game i played in ps4, and the soundtracks are the best i heard in a video game yet.

  6. Connor Ayala

    This game was cool but why are we bringing up stuff about it now

  7. Changingwolf :D

    Welp ik what next game I'm getting after DMC 5 😀

  8. YoRHa 2B

    This is unfair for people who bought the deluxe edition.

  9. Ghost in The shell

    Hard to believe that a game that was made with so much thought and effort would have themes that are so shitty.

  10. sam19940928

    not fair, very disappointed

  11. Lubble-1397

    Is this one of those twat moves where you can only buy it with the game? Brilliant thanks square enix you bellends

  12. Grey Ghost

    Would be cool if it was on all platforms

  13. You Got Rice ?

    Got the game. Will buy this again just for the guy who made it…masterpiece

  14. Julio Morales

    It's worth buying the normal version of Nier Automata in 2019?

  15. KHOKH 69

    For some unknown reason this feels nostalgic. I like it

  16. soviet toaster

    I’m so glad I got this!

  17. DenotheFreak

    I really hope these add ons become PS Store purchasable for people like me who own an older version of the game. I own the ‘Day One’ edition so while I already have a lot of stuff, this new content should definitely become non exclusive to this particular edition of the game soon enough.
    I know they’ll more than likely do it, Square Enix aren’t idiots afterall.

  18. TAEY LOO Orbit forever number 1

    Is their a way to get this dlc content for veterans player.

  19. Jonathan Patino

    Make one for pc to please.

  20. Sultan Zaidan

    Dont think about buying this game. it is full of bugs and many retarded,half backed and sorry asss title.. the story is good but the performance is garbage for a game made in 2017.

    SQ sould be ashamed for not doing anything to it i regret buying this crap.

    my advice to you not to buy this game and help sorry lazy developers cash in easy money.

    game files gets corrupted both on pc and consoles, no resolution fix so far only through some third party shady stuff, performance beyond garbage, low rez textures all over the place and lastly stupid AI.

    lastly vote with your wallet if you want this to be fixed, don't help greedy developers.

    i hope evey gamer would see this and

  21. Arathor_ xr


  22. 連小偉

    這款遊戲除了劇情跟BGM沒話說以外 ,還有一個我覺得最棒的地方 ,也是其他遊戲沒有的特色 …就是在駭入時 ,樂曲跟midi之間的轉換 ,很棒 …印象深刻

  23. Lay-Low and SMASH

    Want to play on the train.


  24. MidNight

    Maybe if it was a crazy good theme I’ll buy the game again but no it’s mediocre… I can find fan art online that are 100 times better than this shit

  25. ali aleryani

    I bought the game the first thing I got and did not get the theme and now you download the game again with the themes and avatar I want the themes and the avatar for free because this is unfair

  26. rile06

    Just got myself the YoRHA edition.
    The theme is superb and doesn't feel lazy at all, even compared to other themes (RDR2, HZD, etc).

  27. Dank Meemo

    I buy it day one SQUARE. Where is my theme?

  28. Pats Saga

    This should be in the store

  29. Hazard2005

    This theme is nowhere near as good as the Preorder theme was…

  30. Dank Nugglit

    Im so tilted you have to rebuy the game to get a theme and some avatars. Just let us buy it separately. 🙁

  31. Icha Speed

    Im just asking…. What happend to 2b body after a2 kill her ? Please answer

  32. iHaveContrl

    The theme is … ok. Not as cool as the front cover of the game. I had a Nier PS4 wallpaper, it seems really cool.

  33. Magnum Opus

    Would've been nice to be able to buy it…..considering I was one of the many to buy the when it first dropped. Oh, well…..more than that I want y'all to do more with the game. Sad it was one of the best games to have came out that year and it barely got any attention.

  34. Saber is love, Saber is life

    Sad that the avatars are locked behind this edition. All I want is a 2B avatar and I'm not giving them money after already buying everything separately before this edition was even announced.

  35. MadameDOSS Vlogs

    Need help my code is not working ;(

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