NieR:Automata BECOMEAS GODS Edition- E3 2018 Development Team Message

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Get more information on NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition:

The NieR:Automata development team announces the new edition, NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition for the Microsoft Xbox platform as they celebrate 3 Million downloads and talk about their aspirations!

NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition comes to Microsoft Store digitally for the Xbox One platform on June 26th, 2018!


  1. Leo Cheung

    Nier Automata sound track is best of the best ! almost beat final fantasy series!

  2. Magnum Opus

    I'd like for some more dlc or a expansion or something. Everyone's who played it praise it, but I wonder why they aren't doing more with it…

  3. ribbledude

    I have PS4 Nier:Automata and I would buy it again on switch in a HEART. BEAT.

  4. max kraus

    Make the pc version playable!

  5. SaltySkramz

    Yoko is too pure for this world

  6. SumEpithet

    This is so candid, I love it!

  7. Akarsh Adithya

    and pc version is still shit

  8. John Library

    Yoko Taro continues to be a national treasure of Japan.

  9. Duy Linh Chu Ha

    Not sure why no one is talking about them still not fixing PC version more than a year post release? Are PC fans not considered fans? Are we not valuable enough for mighty Square to fix their 80 dollars products? I know it’s not Yoko’s fault but it’s sure as hell is his responsibility.

  10. L

    I want to work with these people.

  11. Michael Sorbello: Horror Stories

    I love Taro’s demeanor in this one. He’s so done with life lol.

  12. Feyangel23

    A god amongst men Yoko Taro

  13. David Miller

    My guess is that Yoko Taro wants 2B in Smash

  14. King Delta Productions

    Taro looks like he secretly fell asleep and they just edited in pre-recorded responses.

  15. Linus Newman

    Why is this Age Restricted

  16. Eleanor Maya

    Should convert this entire clip into anime`. o_o

  17. Tweed Echidna

    In a sector of hype and superficiality it’s so disarming to see three game-makers discussing their game, personal life and career with such sincerity. I wish them the very best.

  18. Hero LumiEre Lumanite

    Yoko, man, second best developer I've ever seen.

  19. Brightsmile Puppylove

    ITS ONLY 4 99… 9!

  20. Eleanor Maya

    Taura: Main Protagonist
    Taro: Pop Tart. With Sprinkles.
    Saito: Hero

  21. Rob

    This guy. This fucking guy. We need to make him Emperor or something.

  22. JuruX SayokaX

    Yoko Taro best troll ever

  23. LordCha

    Taro wants, we wants nintendo switch edition. Yay ^w^

  24. Gürer Özdil

    Thank you Yoko-san for this masterpiece of a video game and thank you Square-Enix for reviving the NieR franchise. As a consequence we got the best game of this generation. I hope we'll also get Drakengard 4 before this generation ends.

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