NieR:Automata Anniversary Special Message

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To celebrate the one year anniversary of NieR:Automata, the game’s director Yoko Taro has a special message to all the fans who have supported the game.

Thank you to everyone who has played and enjoyed NieR:Automata.

Glory to mankind.

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  1. El Tio Omega

    we need more directors like these on videogames

  2. Epic Male

    Fix the PC port

  3. Milo

    Yoko Taro:The man with a plan that pisses off half of his fans.” XD

  4. QuintupleA

    Ye I wish I could fucking play this game at all, too bad you never patch the PC version………

  5. Alchemy Meister


  6. JV Fernandes

    You are awesome! Can you fix the pc version, though? Pretty please 😀

  7. Darke Kun

    How much you wanna bet we're gonna call in to Square Enix offices and the staff are going to be all "There's no fan event for…… Oh shit. Yoko Taro's gotten loose again……."

  8. Master Keeper

    Please make an announcement for a second sequel to this awesome series, Nier was an amazing series and I can’t wait for you to announce the third installment 🙂

  9. Shado Gremory

    Can we get a Nier/Drakengaard anime? Like pleeze?

  10. Legion NB

    But Nier Automata 2 tho? ._.

  11. Vanessa ?

    Plzzzzz work on a drakengard remaster

  12. John

    Wow, this guy takes humility and respectability to the next level.

  13. Due Decimal

    Yoko Taro san, keep up the good work!!
    fans want you to remember one word for upcoming games: 'ass'

  14. Joe balls187

    I just got this game on PC kinda runs hard

  15. Joe balls187

    But for real thanks happy your keeping up with the game have a great day director I hope you like CEO that's an upgrade good for you

  16. CascaCawfee

    Emil, please stop punching Emil in the face.

  17. No Commentary Gameplay

    Game is still bloody expensive!

  18. DS2902

    Где блять, обещанный, блять, патч, блять?

  19. Ghost Dog

    I love the Japanese, so quirky 😀

  20. asdbanz

    NieR Patchomata when?

  21. Mr. Smoke

    Where is the first-day patch for PC?

  22. AuthorNoXII

    NieR:Automata 2 PLS!

  23. Дмитрий Князев

    A good patch will bring you one more owner of the game (maybe more, but I can only say it for myself)

  24. Nevalopo

    Best game! PC Version has 0 bugs idk what people are talking about i did not get 1 bug/crash and i got every single ending + achivement

  25. Aden Alekseev

    Where PC patch????

  26. Leonhart

    Need more 2B/Andoroid's pretty butts.

  27. Alexander Wolf

    He really needs to direct a Final Fantasy game somehow.
    Nier Automata … can’t believe it has been a year already. My favorite game since Xenogears about 20 years ago. Total masterpiece!

  28. Malcolm Swoboda

    This is fun and silly, but no, I'm not buying it until it is patched.

  29. Susanne Lucia

    dunno what bugs these commenters are talking about but i've played through the game and it was smooth like butter

  30. thu huong

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  31. ふぁ!?

    Partial Nudity
    Strong Language



  32. 楽-がく-


  33. VynilStudio

    Switch version please

  34. GaGa for SaGa

    You got to love how people are complained about fixing the PC Port when square has not even fixed the 20 year old Final Fantasy 7 PC port

  35. MrSleepy

    He's almost like the Jhonen Vasquez of Japan.

  36. N - Aera

    man, im in love with this dude

  37. The Sentinel Of Abyss

    that mask is sick as fuck

  38. PrincessIndomi

    This man is a gift to this world

  39. Ishi 123

    His Emil head is broken.

    So that's what happened…

  40. bert221221

    NIER MUST CONTINUE. NIER MUST CONTINUE. NIER MUST CONTINUE. So much still needs to be explained!!!!!!!

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