NieR: Automata – Release Date Announcement Trailer

NieR: Automata is coming to PS4 on March 7, 2017.

Invaders from another world attack without warning – unleashing the machine lifeforms. To break the deadlock, a new breed of android infantry is sent into the fray: the YoRHa squad. NieR: Automata™ is a fresh take on the action role-playing game (RPG) genre that gracefully blends mesmerising action with a captivating story.

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  1. John Dubay

    Pre-ordered black box, lets goooo.

  2. Commissar Bear

    Any word on if they manged to get the JP voice track in to the western release? I know they said in an interview they were going to try to but we never got a conformation. Given how badly 8-4 butchered the translation/localisation for Drakengard 3 I do not trust them with NieR: Automata.

  3. Zanrieirri

    Nier automata will be awesome game

  4. Bundy Al

    guess this is what they consider as a trailer

  5. Zenxymes

    this game looks ?

  6. KillerShootin 69

    Pls make the final fantasy 7 remake nothing but turn based combat!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont want a hack n slash. I wont buy it if its a hack n slash like ff 15

  7. Hawke

    I'm getting the impression that by the beginning of the game the mankind is wiped out already and all protagonists' struggle is pointless and so even if they win ("PC always wins"), it will be in vain.

  8. cagallia athela

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT WAS THAT THE SHADOW LORDS VOICE!? is that nigga still alive!? nooooo way whos voice was that!? it sounded like niers voice but he didnt sound too nice

  9. Hasan Al-Taie

    Ok. In the end, when that kid screamed as he stabbed someone, there was something else being said in the background that I can't make out. Anyone has any ideas?

  10. Nida Ikhsan

    Please remake the final fantasy XIII ?

  11. Jake Muller

    Worst trailer ever !!! So freaking annoying. All they can come up with is wasting people life time with loading screen?

  12. REP Gaming

    I sure hope the actual gameplay doesn't have loading screens this long.

  13. Galaxia Shadow

    Oh boy, PlatinumGames. I hope the game isn't very short.

  14. SirGalahad

    so glad it's getting a demo.

  15. ParanoiaDJ

    I just pre-ordered the game via and I’m absolutely ecstatic about it.
    Are you guys able to reveal the English cast yet as of this posting or not yet?

  16. DEUS

    HAH! NO PC RELEASE DATE! *cries with gtx1070

  17. John Ngo

    the PC version will release same date too?

  18. Su V

    Hope it doesn't do loading like most other games xD

  19. Leonhart

    2B is so pretty…
    Hope can see her crystal shiny eye soon !!

  20. Big Boss

    Taro Yoko as the director the tragic is guaranteed.

  21. TheDrilooo

    GOTY to Mankind

  22. Abdullah Al-Marhuby

    this game looks awesome! it's my first time seeing it. is it on Xbox one as well?

  23. Leshain

    I have my reservations, I'll test the demo out today if my bias of hating feminazis too much kicks in I'll buy it for my gf who likes gothic games if anything

  24. SSpaceCakes

    Hi, I've just recently heard about this game and seen the BADASS trailers but it sounds like there's more story already out there. Can someone fill me in please?

  25. miya


  26. Enum995

    glory to mankind? so those things think they are people?

  27. Trey Lo

    Will there be dual audio, Japanese audio & Eng subs? Please <3

  28. Professor Emil

    N/A: "The English VA is bad-"
    9S: "SHUT UP!!!"
    N/A: "…Well damn."

  29. Lis J

    Can I ask something If I buy english version can i change to Japanese voice?

  30. Verkili

    Did I just hear Ardyn's voice actor (from FFXV) in this trailer?

  31. Hovis Steve

    Hope the music is as good as NIER.

  32. Platinum Chill

    Square enix nowadays be like, come get some —-8

  33. c-shadow

    Wow, whoever dubs Pascal actually sounds a lot like Aoi Yuuki. Impressive.

  34. Mr.Panda663

    Lol, doesn't matter how dramatic it is, I'm turning off the music and turning on metal gear revengeance soundtrack. On every boss fight.

  35. Anthony! Senpai-kun~

    I hope there are 5 different endings :3

  36. MyFookenCookie

    is the pc version coming out on the same day?

  37. Simon Anderson

    Holy shit there a lot of voices I recognize. Lara Bailey, Darin De Paul, Ray Chase, Tara Platt, DC Douglass, Julie Ann Taylor, and Max Mittelmam. Holy fuck this is an amazing set of voice actors.

  38. Moist Chungus

    here's to hoping the first play through is more than 6 hours

  39. くんアジズ

    Mar or jul?

  40. J R

    Even trailers have loading… That 4k @60fps at its best

  41. El Chaos

    Praise the Lord for Japanese voices.

  42. soulure

    Oh shit, that's today.

  43. Girl On A Quest

    Stupid trailer honestly

  44. Lelou LIVE


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