NieR: Automata – PSX 2016 Trailer

Humanity has been driven from the Earth by mechanical beings from another world. In a final effort to take back the planet, the human resistance sends a force of android soldiers to destroy the invaders. Now, a war between machines and androids rages on… A war that could soon unveil a long-forgotten truth of the world.

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  1. The Milhouse Experience

    Can't wait for Jump Festa news and hopefully that demo comes soon. I'm going to play the shit out of the demo. And a bonus is that the release is the same week of my birthday.

  2. Xan

    But where is Final Fantasy 7 Remake tho ?

  3. Masnoon Hossain

    So no one else is gonna acknowledge how terrible the enemy design in this game is. This games production values are insane, especially the music, but man do all the enemies look completely uninspired and downright goofy. Makes no sense at all to me

  4. Ranko Games

    anyone could tell me the name of the song please? :O

  5. T Van

    Potentially the new best game of all time right here (to replace the original) 🙂

  6. Valvrave

    At least this game doesn't look false advertised to shit like the garbage known as FFXV

  7. mikeylambda1322

    Oh platinum you never disappoint

  8. 우김

    What happened to PC ver. guys…?

  9. Lyla

    Yessss finally a release date

  10. ALJustice0

    Yeah it's PAINFULLY obvious why Square delayed this. XV isn't fit to sniff this game's ASS.

  11. PersonWMA

    "America needs you to die, 2B!"

  12. figureLP09

    I'm already planning on buying this, but what I'd really like is NieR available in Playstation Store

  13. Izrin

    Nice. We get to fight Spirit of Motherwill, on foot!

  14. GrandHeresiarch

    Hah a weaponized coal mining machine. Neat.

  15. Sam Haelterman

    Someone enlighten me as to how this game is related to Nier and Drakenguard

  16. GD


  17. GT6SuzukaTimeTrials

    It's been like 6 years since I played through, and adored, the original Nier. I only did the main story, and a couple sidequests but MAN that game was fucking awesome.

  18. FrizFroz

    Ugh I hate it when the release date is shown using the US calendar system. Was disappointed when I saw 3 Jul, only to realize that it's really 7 Mar

  19. haziq samiron


  20. Kim Janek

    I'm so happy that it also releases for PC <3

  21. TheMauX64

    Is that march or july? Because I refused to buy FFXV for being expecting this game


    i thought yall werent at psx?

  23. Rico Wang

    FFXV has been a disappointment. Please, SE, don't fuck this one up

  24. William Jones

    Err… 3rd of July next year?

  25. Mkilbride2599

    Please bring the original to PC. I've played it alot on my PS3, but I want to see it in all it's glory!

  26. RadioactivePrincess

    Will this be optimised for PS4 Pro ?

  27. Ahmad Afif Isa

    looks good

  28. Benny Trinh

    2017 is going to be a good year.

  29. Ty Spikes


  30. Jared Stanley

    Jp voices pls. Voice acting is horrible. Waiting for normie to respond to this by calling me a weeb lmao

  31. thatguyVLAD games

    Is there a jp voice option? These voices are really,really,really horrible. Hell I'll even take russian at this point! Also wrote this message to piss off any normies and make them call me a "weeb" looool

  32. MforMovesets

    Did I just see a Bayonetta dodge-system except without witch time? SOLD.

  33. Aerius Astrum

    So glad this is coming to PC so I don't have to get screwed by console exclusivity.

  34. みぃ


  35. Drakie98

    I want this shit to be on the switch, it looks so good ; _ ;

  36. Besse

    if it was online multiplayer would be fun totally gonna buy it 😮 !

  37. Servalwi L

    We are going to fight BADGER 288? Sign me up

  38. Giovanni Max Gaspar

    Metal Gear Rising with a female character

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