MXGP3 – Launch Trailer


MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame is available from today in digital and physical stores on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Windows PC for $49.99.

To reach the podium and win the championship, you must race on all the official tracks of the 2016 championship, including the MXoN, as well as tackle unpredictable weather conditions and hit the gas on highly deformable grounds that will put even the most expert player to the test in adrenaline-fuelled challenges.


  1. Don’t Touch My Waifu


  2. Jahz Robin Son


  3. Vincent X. Weasel

    can't wait for the "Kingdom Hearts Character Friendship Bundle". That shit is gonna be off the fucking chain dawg haha

  4. DeLisi

    the fucking GODS of RPG's, who've made such games like the Final Fantasy franchise, Chrono trigger, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario RPG, and much more, have graciously granted us the game we all have been begging for! a Motocross game!! (im not upset by this in any way, honestly im excited. im just surprised is all?)

  5. Stand up to the Internet Bullies

    SE trying to reach a new audience ? 😮

  6. Tyterra mc Berry

    Will there be a episode Noctis dlc?

  7. MrGoldfishwish

    picking it up tm ?

  8. Timothy Salters

    Ah! I thought a new Chocobo Racing game was coming out!

  9. Far Vera

    7.8/10: too much motorcycles

  10. Fate Testarossa


  11. A gamer named Jesse.

    You know what game you own really needs a remake Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring.

  12. Zane Oneiros

    We want Chrono Trigger 3!
    Fuck this shit.

  13. Anthony Is Lit

    I hope it will support PS4 VR that will look super cool

  14. durne asd

    Your game looks really bad

  15. Sebastian Piñera

    Gambling junk

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