MXGP2 – The Official Motocross Videogame

MXGP2 is the evolution of the previous Milestone Motocross title MXGP – The official motocross videogame. The game is based on 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship license. Built with motocross authenticity from licensed motorcycles, real riders and tracks, MXGP2 brings the excitement of challenging other riders while embracing a fast, powerful motorcycle on mud-forged hills. Players take on circuits in a quest to grab hold of the world title at the Netherlands MXGP. The game includes both online and offline modes, vehicle and rider customization and indoor arena events.


  1. Thomas Endress

    Wow…dumbest trailer yet for Square. Here's a hint: try showing actual game play. People may actually take an interest in your game if you show game footage.

  2. Dj1012010

    Hmm..was wondering where the gameplay is?

  3. Cam Brown

    All I saw was stock footage of some motorcycle videos. Why no gameplay ?

  4. Bryan Hampton

    What everyone else has said, where is the gameplay footage?

  5. MasaCheez

    Bandwagon jumper here. What is the point of the video exactly? Are you saying you're producing a sequel? Good for you but I really fail to have any interest without seeing any of the game.

  6. TE5LA

    Maybe the graphics are so good, that is the actual game 🙂

  7. AfterForeve12

    No gameplay video. Game is going to be garbage.

  8. P0k3rm4s7

    Oh god…The comments are literally cancer, now I know why a lot of channels don't allow comments on trailers…

  9. jonas clecio Pimentel

    holy shit!

  10. meninist[cancer]Linus just the tips

    i just want mx vs atv Unleashed remake

  11. karnovrpg

    This isn't an RPG. And where's Rad Racer 3?

  12. Milher Méndez

    Yeah Yeah very Pretty… but…
    Where is Kingdom Hearts UNCHAINED X ?
    oh yeah… still Chained to Japan…

    Where is KH 2.8?
    Where is FF15?
    E T C …

  13. Alex

    That heart/engine is amazing

  14. ZappGaming

    Whoa! The graphics are unreal. Its like Im still in the real world.

  15. Charles Gunter

    It's because the games gonna suck

  16. davidstelmach410

    They don't show actual game play because they them selfs know there game is hard to look at.

  17. KevBot

    Watch this trailer and pre-order now!……
    I went from being interested in this game to totally uninterested due to the complete laziness of this "trailer".

  18. monarchmark1

    i read motocross as macross and got very confused.

  19. Drikkel

    omg this gameplay! the graphics looks so photorealistic :O


  20. spinkMS

    Are the person that is selling this game for U.S.A on Amazon

  21. Tomcat407

    sick video, keep it up

  22. CrispyBacon

    Just watched a video that shows the gameplay graphics… I can see why they didn't post it here. It looks like a PS2 from 15 years ago type graphics. 🙁

  23. Sadnehs

    I would've liked some gameplay. For whatever reason I really feel like playing a MotoCross game……. like a good one though. There aren't many good ones.

  24. Massa Boss

    Show the fucking gameplay, not videos.
    You might have had a sale.

  25. Effect Without Cause

    What even is this?

  26. GhettoJoe

    well if they are to scared to show the game it must SUCK !

  27. XGamingStormX

    woot u doin squeer

  28. TheRoblox Doge

    Amazing trailer, I think this whole comment section knows there in for, this amazing video with dubstep. I would pay 1M for this!

  29. splitingatoms


  30. Neba

    Anyone know trailer song?

  31. Vincent Lee

    I'm upvoting this because it's promoting motorsports. The game is going to suck and 90% of you won't ever get on motorcycle in real life but maybe this will influence some of you to try the actual thing.

  32. onesimpleclik

    I think I'll stick to Trials Fusion

  33. Drummer27

    E o jogo? Cadê? Estes são os gráficos do jogo? Incrível! Quanto realismo!!! (sim, estou sendo muito, muito irônico sobre esta coisa tosca…)
    Tal vídeo e um clip do Justin ou da Gaga, fazem meu cão ter a mesma reação… Jogar terra em cima!

  34. Franklin Hue

    Best graphics ever!!!!!!

  35. MrPillsbury310

    This is only video to show that there will be a second MXGP game there still developing the game and the video was first shown in September so far the game looks fantastic and I'm very forward look in to this game

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