Murdered: Soul Suspect scares PAX East attendees

This year at PAX East in Boston, we held a secret VIP „cocktail“ party that a few lucky fans were invited to attend. Little did they know what they were really getting into…


  1. Toon Link


  2. Tomcat407

    I don't think people really know how amazing this game is going to be

  3. Walking Thunder

    I'm glad I didn't go to that… I tend to get violent when scared like that.

  4. bedfolly

    The only woman someone in a fedora would ever get.

  5. brantthew

    Would have yelled, NOPE, NOT BUYING THIS GAME. then book it

  6. brantthew

    wait, did that chick ditch the hat. That hat looks great.

  7. Trag2029

    nice <3

  8. Seiko

    And in reality game is average. #inhypewedontbelieve

  9. Secretxxx67

    The hell!? Even ASH KETCHUM going there?! 1:57

  10. Dragoner Productions

    To bad the game turned out to be like only 6 hours long….. 

  11. mert balbal

    just finished the game today, totally loved it, it was descent game with a cool story and graphics

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