Mobius Final Fantasy x FFXIII collaboration

Lightning arrives to Palamecia as a special guest character in the Lightning Resurrection event! Join forces and battle your way through the Hanging Edge with MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY’s first Ultimate Hero. The event also brings with it the Lightning Ultimate Hero card, which allows those who possess it to transform Warrior of Light’s HD appearance, voice and ultimate attack to that of Lightning—the first card in game that can do this!

An all-new FINAL FANTASY XIII adventure awaits!

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  1. TheHerostale

    Hope to see Lightning in kh3

  2. Maxime

    Finally here??? ?

  3. Lumina

    You already know I'm buying it if Lightning is back!

    Edit: Ugh,nevermind it's just an event in another game.

  4. Katze

    wait, isn't this a phone game? if they can pull all this off, why are they struggling with the pocket version of 15? it looked like it had a lot of framerate issues.

  5. Jicky

    is it free app game?

  6. Dark Night

    I love this girl ??

  7. Don’t Touch My Waifu


  8. Rollo

    Funny enough, I just started playing XIII yesterday lol

  9. Otaku_GameFan


  10. SonicBlue92


    Who's looking forward to the day when we see Lightning and Shulk duke it out in a no-holds-barred one-on-one duel to the death?

  11. Daniel Brisbane

    Love this collab. Put Wol in Dissidia please!

  12. TallulahSoie

    Remember kids: someone spent $2500 to get a character in one of SquareEnix's mobiles games.

  13. PixelPenguin0

    So where is my PS4 FFXIII Collection?

  14. xCroftAmbition

    13 has many issues but in comparison with XV, 13 is mucha better and this is sad :/

  15. AzureZero20XX

    Lightning _

  16. Luis martinez

    Ran buen juego pero se va ala mierda por no tener ni minino español latino que asi no me entero de juego

  17. Joey Cruz

    oh man I love the battle theme from ffxiii! that violin solo section is just so good!
    Also really like ffxiii just not it's sequels

  18. Kaz'ian Deathshadow

    "Those who do not fight… Are forgotten."

  19. Mintagen

    Of course! Lightning needed more screen time!

  20. cypheraine17

    FFXIII sucks though.

  21. Little Prince Kain

    Why is this exciting?

  22. Zul278

    I don't like FF 13 that much but the music is enough to give the game a replay

  23. Furkan Sarıyerlioğlu

    I missed Super Mario rpg. I know you wont do it but everyone loved rpg and always wanted to play a new rpg. Every Mario fan loved the game. And you become more famous. I hope you will read this and say something about this.

  24. Wolvenworks

    oh great as if i don't have my hands full already with the anniversary event lol i am so not gonna get that Lightning job now =(

    my gacha rolls are always terrible =(

  25. Kevin Kite

    XIII has a beautiful OST and I think Lightning is an amazing character. She's tough and kind at the same time!

  26. Michael Winger

    Great cross over event. Loving Mobius so much. Thank you!

  27. Ai Mi

    Omg I stopped playing Mobius ????

  28. Marco 8-20-2019

    No, no, no, NO! Damn it, the crappiest entry of the franchise added to a meh game. Square, what happened to you?

  29. Kimberly B.

    I quit Mobius months ago. But I still get updates thanks to SQUARE ENIX newsletters. Saw all what got added for the 1 Year Anniversary event (and continues to be added). It's one of the major downsides of mobile gaming. They add more content than you can comfortably/enjoyably keep up with, especially if you play multiple games. No regrets on jumping ship, but the new footage looks great (even if the English VA is atrocious).

  30. Voeris

    FFXIII trilogy PS4  remaster PLS SQUARE!!!

  31. Kris johns

    After the trash that was FFXv, 13 now looks great

  32. Light

    if you put this in PS4-FF13 Trilogy then i'll play the game!

  33. Erick reyes

    Guys!… lets face…FF13 is still better than FF15…

  34. kiyo-chan

    aaahhh hopefully SE will make a ff13 collection for ps4 soon

  35. Stan Diggs

    now all we need is the FF13 trilogy HD on PS4.

  36. Odiril Smallfish

    I don't get it people say that XIII is the worst final fantasy in history and V,VI,VII,VIII are like the masterpieces or whatever and people should only play those ones etc etc (you know the typical shit elitists say),yet why do Square Enix keep making XIII collaborations and not the ones I mentioned? (don't get me wrong I love XIII,I hate those elitists that never even gave it a chance and so prideful of nostalgia bullshit)

  37. Farronhart

    Oh, Eclair…
    This is gonna make me have to re-download this game… again.

  38. jessy pougnaud

    i loving lightning

  39. Nick S.

    Man I wish I had the space on my phone for this game…

  40. Unruly King

    Yo Wait……..what?

  41. Miki Saihara

    Blinded by light = INSTA NUT

  42. kkkbro

    I remember seeing the trailer for this game for the first time. The graphics were out of this world.

  43. kap1618

    I have never seen a company love a failure like square does woth ff 13

  44. SnowFever

    I don’t know anything about this Final Fantasy game or Lightning for that matter but could someone share the name of that beautiful peice that plays when she shows up I’d be grateful lol

  45. Danny Boi

    I need to know the music on the background

  46. Joseph Hardin


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