MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY: Ultimate Hero Sephiroth

Sephiroth emerges from the flames in Palamecia during the latest MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY x FINAL FANTASY VII collaboration event.

Summon the Ultimate Hero Sephiroth and take on the One-Winged Angel’s appearance, cutting through your foes with his signature move Octaslash ∞.

Players will also be able to summon the Hero of Despair Job card, which can be viewed here:


  1. Young Ake

    I love it

  2. Just Bread Inside


  3. Krixstal Zagukarexst

    The Lion Heart that's suppose to have a combo doesn't get an combo, but Sephiroth get's an combo? Well its Official, Square Enix doesn't know their own character.

  4. King Kazuya

    Gotta pander to the FF7 fans, sorry every other game.

  5. Joey Cruz

    Woah sephirothiroth looks nice in these newer graphics! I hope we get an update on ff7 remake soon

  6. Davis1228

    This looks like a better game than Dissidia NT.

  7. Kara Relm

    A bit weird to have Echo cheer for Sephiroth in her Aerith cosplay =D

  8. [Enigmatic] Bossu


  9. ItaChu 787

    Lol yeah it would never run that fast or look like that on my tablet ????

  10. TallulahSoie

    Calling Sephiroth a hero is just repulsive.

  11. Achelouz

    Whoa Sephiroth is here

  12. Morrow l Terra’s Love

    How does ultimate heros even work in this game? I got him but idk what to do or let me guess he's useless

  13. Anti-Nihilist _

    i suddenly got the urge to play Final Fantasy Dissidia more than the 6 hours I'm already playing it now

  14. SL Chi

    Finally, Square is starting to understand that the fans don't want to play as the heroes of light, we want to play as the villains! GDI, Sephiroth is lookin' so damn good in everything he appears in.

  15. pcmasterwait

    off: any chance to see the zodiac age on xbox one?

  16. Rick Sanchez C-137

    just got FF12 Zodiac age, super pissed that there is no way to unlock the whole license board. it limits you to only 2 jobs which eliminates whole sections of the board. would it have killed them to make playing with the whole board an option? they went through the trouble of putting cheats right in the options menu would it have killed them to give us the option of a full board an extra job class, an option at the beginning of the game? something.

  17. Asuka Kazama


  18. NiohRage

    Why ain't Dissidia NT on xbox

  19. Manansa Patra

    Only 2 mobius videos? Not enough love ?

  20. shane stewart

    You either die the Hero, or live long enough to become the villain

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