MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY – Knight of Etro & Last Hunter Legendary Jobs

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The Knight of Etro & Last Hunter legendary job cards are now available as part of our FINAL FANTASY XIII and MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY collaboration event!


  1. Morrow l Terra’s Love


  2. NekuTheBOOKlocke

    How come Lightning's Knight of Etro costume shows her thighs but we don't get the same for the dude in this game? It's completely covered up.

  3. Ardian Hesa

    Lol knight of etro sounds so gay for a dude

  4. neji hyuga

    Love this event so much because FFXIII is my second favorite FF. When I got the Knight of Etro, I screamed! I'm a day one F2P player and I was so happy to finally get a legend job. However, I still don't have a supreme card :/

  5. Bobby Meow

    Bring FFXIII to PS4!! ❤️

  6. Romangelo

    Bring back Toriyama-sama! FF16 needs him!

  7. Noel Kriess


  8. masterc315

    I haven't pulled a job since they took away the job summon

  9. TallulahSoie

    $2500 LOL

  10. ItaChu 787

    EXCUSE ME SQUARE ENIX BUT WHERE IS KoE Lightning for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius! And yes give us Noel and Serah too

  11. Kara Relm

    This event was a true pleasure! I have been waiting for it since day one and I was not disappointed! The story and dialogues were wonderful! Also can't believe I actually manged to get both jobs. The Knight of Etro is perfection (only the tights are stupid=)

  12. Isai G.

    I can't believe I pulled BOTH of these jobs in the same summon! I was upset that I didn't get Hope or Snow during batch one, but I'm a little less upset now. 🙂 Gotta keep hoping for that rainbow now.

  13. Mary L.

    I only came here to listen to FFXIII-2's "Run" lol

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