Sephiroth emerges from the flames in Palamecia during the latest MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY x FINAL FANTASY VII collaboration event.

The new Hero of Despair Legend Warrior type job allows players to attack with Sephiroth’s signature Octaslash move for heavy damage and immense break power to all enemies.

Players will also be able to summon the newest Ultimate Hero Sephiroth job, which can be viewed here:


  1. Another Gilgamesh

    "to the promised land"

  2. Joey Cruz

    hearing one winged angel never gets old! They have to use this amazing version in the ff7 remake!

  3. Morrow l Terra’s Love

    Oh yeah sure don't fix the game

  4. Pedro Felipe Geneolgia do Vale Reed von K. Primeiro

    "Heor of Despair"?Nagito don't approves.

  5. Zane Oneiros

    Nothing is original anymore and the whoring of the FF franchise knows no bounds.

  6. Bodolf Halvgud

    Similar look to digimon cyber sleuth

  7. TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    looks stupid

  8. Monika Kaizuka

    The sword looks and feels like a wooden stick. Nier swords feels like they actually weight something.

  9. SL Chi

    Square can try to put the clothes on someone else, but it's never gonna look better than Sephiroth wearing it LOL

  10. G. K.

    Shit tier game lmao. I hope toriyama stays on this shit forever

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