Mobius Final Fantasy – Azure Witch and Fauviste Job Classes

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Meia becomes a playable character in MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY as two new mage job classes, the Azure Witch and Fauviste, enter the summoning lineup!


  1. Xue Thao

    Ok! That Organ!

  2. Cresce

    I love the designs of these!

  3. Dado Dem

    Ok this looks pretty awesome!

  4. Ryudo Gaming

    now i dont know whether to use mine now and try get Lightnings job or wait till tomorrow and try get one of these >.<

  5. Yuen


  6. Auster

    Hype intensifies.

  7. QBasicTNN

    Siliconera needs to shut down its dipshit comments section DESPERATELY.

  8. AsciiGDL

    She looks like Rory Mercury from G.A.T.E. or Ruri Gokou (Kuroneko) from OreImo 😀

  9. Ghaleonc

    I can’t wait for her story Arc n class when it comes out. Glad I have a decent mage deck for her basic class.

  10. Heartless Yami

    Meia for dissidia please !

  11. Morrow l Terra’s Love

    This game is to hard

  12. Kara Relm

    Can't believe I actually got this job, it's absolutely gorgeous!!!

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