MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY 2017 Trailer | Square Enix

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY, made by the team behind the official Final Fantasy series, is a groundbreaking RPG specially crafted for mobile devices.

A fully featured battle system lets you unleash deadly attacks and awe-inspiring spells! Customize your character with endless combinations of jobs and abilities!

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  1. chaleeman

    WHY?? why change Yoshitaka Amano original designs of the Warrior of Light to a whore shirt, unnecesary tan, droopy eyes, expressionless faces with a permanent expression of pain. Everyone looks the same… I really don't like that designer

  2. Succubi Pie

    That bard though, why can't we get hat in XIV?

  3. fire leo

    one of the best final fantasy games

  4. Phoenix Down Gaming

    great game but the MP Trolls and hackers are a problem I'd rather kill a MP boss then it just poof xD

  5. Dante (Eyoi)

    I'd prefer play a real game. Thanks though.

  6. Sairagna

    I really wanted to enjoy this but the prices for in game currency are just too expensive compared to the Japanese version.

  7. insanelol

    Sarah's VO is probably the only negative for me.

  8. Culture Connor

    @Square Enix NA FF fans won't be satisfied until Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer appears or an announcement of Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection.

  9. Culture Connor

    Bryce Papenbrock?

  10. Blessings of Babylon

    Dat lip syncing.

  11. Dragonic159

    WoL = Vaan + Squall

  12. Nick Ace

    I wish it were an offline game, then i 'd gladly pay to purchase it. I know it's f2p technically but still, i really prefer a good story single player (j)rpg. Chaos Rings series were awesome, for example (as far as mobile games are concerned), i was sad when they were cancelled.

  13. Rashard Mccallum

    How do you have a "new" trailer for a game almost a year old?

  14. BM03

    I wish the job pull system hadn't been gutted. To me the most fun is trying all these new jobs and I'd kill for a monk or Bard but even putting money in it doesn't feel like I'm making progress towards it now.

    I find the game very entertaining, though. I just hope they adjust the job acquiring method. They've done it before, they can fix this yet!

  15. Ryder Draconis

    Kupo is a sound, not a word! Get it right!!!!

  16. XxViolentYoshixX2


  17. juanksmartplay

    lo jugare solo si sale en español..

  18. José Sousa

    Sarah's voice in english is horrible. I'm used to Japanese voice

  19. J Perkins

    Why is there a trailer for this now? It's been out for a while? I watched it assuming something new would be presented. -.- Joke's on me I guess.

  20. Cloud's FGC, RPG's & Collectibles

    It's a shame this is mobile only!!

  21. james amarant

    so after ff15 we're just expected to go back to shitty english voice acting again… no thanks

  22. Oliver Pérez

    AWESOME!!! I love this game ??

  23. Billy Blue

    What the fuck are you thinking SE!? This is the franchise's 30th anniversary and you ain't doing dogshit but shitty mobile games and crap that no one gives a fuck about to celebrate it? Fuck off.

  24. King Gaydorah

    Why is this a big thing if it's been out for a while?

  25. Diamond Dog

    this is not the one that is coming to ps4 right?

  26. Rubber dildo with a pulley in the middle

    Finish the Deus Ex saga, goddammit.

  27. Wyntrr_End

    Is that Bryce Papenbrook?

  28. KetchAppSona

    Garland….finally removed his helm

  29. Gabriel Garcia

    I'm glad they changed Meia's voice. But Sarah's voice still kinda sucks.

  30. Jiro Eva

    new trailer for more money <3 love u square enix

  31. midou mouad

    I love this game

  32. Itz Vahl

    didnt garland have his helmet on?

  33. Kats Cap

    chaos ring iv ?

  34. Mic Dy

    fuck mobile, give us real games on consoles instead.

  35. jose beyond

    i want this game for ps4.

  36. kcherino

    Dont waste your time with this one, its a shitty moneygrab. Rather play a real console FF

  37. Jed Schrock

    So, what is this? An FF1 remake or something?

  38. Seoul Giho

    Warrior of light with much magnite for supreme ability xD

  39. The Potato of Fire

    This is a prime example of a mobile game done right. Stunning visuals, simple combat with unlimited strategies, and it's in no way a pay to win. The buyable currency, Magicite, is readily available through login bonuses, 100 free every day from the distiller, and 50-100 as random drops in normal battle. You don't need to spend a dime to flourish in this game, and it's great. And, as of the 1st anniversary update, almost nothing is limited time. You can get any card besides collab cards, or any job at all at any time from a summon, as long as you're lucky. And you can get through 100% of the content with the basic jobs if you take the time to properly level them. As I said before, a mobile game done right.

  40. Flareboxx

    Seriously?!? I was really excited to add this to my PS4 wish list before I noticed it was a pay to win mobile game? Ugh.

  41. NyteGamerMace

    This is great on mobile phone and steam


    the game so epic make it offline beautiful square enix =>

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