Mobius Final Fantasy – 1 Year Anniversary Campaign – Message from the Dev Team

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  • Mobius Final Fantasy – 1 Year Anniversary Campaign – Message from the Dev Team

“In celebration of the one-year anniversary of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY, Producer Yoshinori Kitase and members of the development team bring a special video message to the players! Thank you for your support and stay tuned for even more collaborations and updates!



  1. NaSHINe Works

    When will we be able to play as Princess Sarah

  2. Hoho Gaming

    This ain't a celebration

  3. ItaChu 787

    No thanks, it never ran good on any of my devices

  4. James KT

    If only this video came out before August… Oh, well.

  5. TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    hanzo bro, please speak english cause the channel is called Square Enix NA

  6. TallulahSoie

    Truth behind the curtain; give us all your money.

  7. Succubi Pie

    Can we please get our original side bod Wol back? Or at least in media! Don't censor the male body!


    You guys should do something big for the series 30th anniversary. Like some more anniversary games like a sequel to WOFF

  9. LeonhartGR

    Bring us the original Squall model!

  10. Hemang Chauhan

    Ayyy it's mah man, Yoshinori Kitase!

  11. Heather Coleman

    I'm praying for Seph legend job soon…

  12. Aqua

    If only KHUX global got this type of treatment

  13. nisetsu

    Either make an honest version of your game and sell it for one honest price or get the fuck off Steam with your free2pay bullshit.

  14. Jeredin13

    I'll just stick to FFRK, thanks.

  15. R8 CpT

    Give us backstory dlc for NieR:Automata

  16. Sukiyanto Wijaya

    Please!! New type card for summoning, the most memorable game for final fantasy is the summoning!! I remember when I'm playing ff7, summoning knight of round. ff8, when iI call doomtrain. Wow!! That's the way u bash the monster and the boss!!

  17. clownavenger

    Is the game any good?

  18. オルソンフィリップ

    what the hell is Mobius?
    >.> RECENT: Mixed (115 reviews)
    OVERALL: Mixed (2,540 reviews)

  19. juanksmartplay

    Please translate it into Spanish..

  20. Michael Winger

    Been playing for a few months now and I've very impressed. The ability to play across platforms seemlessly is great. Big fan of the end game scene. Have really enjoyed my time with it so far.

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