MMO Monday: Streaming Seekers of Adoulin

In today’s MMO Monday we speak with Devin „Camate“ Casadey, Senior Community Planner for FINAL FANTASY XI who’s streaming the upcoming 5th expansion to FINAL FANTASY XI, Seekers of Adoulin this Wednesday at 7PM PT on


  1. Army Armada

    Still no news on ff versus xiii and ffX HD release date.

  2. TigerPrincess

    Damn would I love to play this, but 13.00 a month is expensive!

  3. ImmortalDraylo

    13 a month is not expensive… lol

  4. TigerPrincess

    I calculated how much it would cost for a year, and yes it's a lot.

  5. TigerPrincess

    156 dollars for a year Immortal Draylo.

  6. ImmortalDraylo

    If 150 dollars a year is a lot, I feel sorry for you son. I'm sure you spent 10x that on things you don't even need. Do you ever eat fast food or candy or anything you don't need? I'm sure if you add that up you would easily pass 150 dollars in a years time.

  7. TigerPrincess

    No need to feel sorry for me, I'm just simply saying that I personally think that 150 dollars a YEAR for an MMO is a lot. I've never played an MMO by the way, but would love to play this one. It looks awesome.

  8. ImmortalDraylo

    This game is amazing, seriously one of the best out there in terms of storyline and gameplay. I would highly recommend trying it out if you're a serious FF fan. 150 dollars a year is nothing compared to what normal avg people spend on superfluous things. Any time you buy things like cigarettes, alcohol, candy or fast food (if you have free alternatives at home), movie tickets etc. You could have spent that towards this, its ends up being like 50~ish cents a day. You can find that on the floor.

  9. Surieko Kazama

    i would recommend for those who never played MMO before, but will definitely never recommend any MMO players as it is.

  10. ImmortalDraylo

    As it is? Yet you've played the piece of shit FFXIV? lol

  11. jay dee

    13 bucks a month is nothing really. What is the cost of a game that is a new release? 60? Playing this saves me money. When I take breaks from FF11 i spend way more then 13 dollars a month on games easy. This is the best MMO out there. What can it hurt to try?

  12. TigerPrincess

    Playing this for 3 months costs almost 40 dollars, and if you don't play it everyday, you are pissing away 55 cents per day, THAT to me isn't worth it. Maybe someday more MMOs will be like Guild Wars 2 and not have a subscription fee, but until then, I won't be playing them. Hell, six months of World Of Warcraft costs less than one YEAR of Xbox Live Gold! Hopefully this will become free to play in the future. It'd be awesome to play it on the new Xbox 😀

  13. ketasetcook

    Fuck FFXIV. Been playing FFXI since 2003! Looking forward to the new Expansion. Gonna have the same feeling as Aht Urghan!! So pumped, SE when is my Toci's gonna drop? and for all you newbs, STFU. See you in game

  14. nyheen jenkins

    who crying over 13 dollars a month? it not really lot. IMO most subscription fee games seems to do well with keeping the game updated and stuff then the other free to play cookie cutter MMO

  15. Koul

    Can Camate play shirtless?

  16. Surieko Kazama

    Wow, where that came from? Holy shit, when ever did i ever hurt your feeliing mate, there no need to be hostile on my post. I simply saying the fact, because is a fact that now days generation there wont be that many ppl who have played MMO or atleast experience it to be playing FFXI. I can bet you and get scored on this, not to sound or flame you up, but please look at reality. FFXI is indeed a fun game, but i can't get into it's archaic system because FFXI's system is by far too different for-

  17. Surieko Kazama

    it's own good. You say shit on FFXIV, that i agree, it is shit on the release, but still saying is shit now is like you're delusional or not wanting to know the fact that is getting their feet up on ground more firmly now is much more worst that saying shit on a game that has failed once. So please don't be a jack ass.

  18. Surieko Kazama

    Hmm guess i'll write this up since ppl down vote me so i'll do it for the lulz!
    Why i say it be good for newer players that never play MMO? because FFXI is so archaic that the battle system is DAMN slow, that is uninteresting. The only factor FFXI has is their Storyline, their mindless grinding that is no different that Quest grinding. and many things that really, an MMO player will find it damn bleak to even try it. So how can 1mil sub goes to 500k subs then now going down again. Down Vote me!

  19. Voretechz

    FFXI should have just went from Aht Urghan to Seekers of Adoulin….
    Abyssea was a huge mistake that ruined the game….

  20. WaterspoutsOfTheDeep

    actually it is closer to 44 cents , and many people buy health suppliments every month more than that lol, a average months supply of a health food suppliment averages 20-40 dollars, which many people take multiple suppliments. So I can't compute your level of cheapness lol, one trip to the movie theater costs more on average. If 13 dollars a month is exessive to you, then your out of touch with reality and I'd hate to be your brother, sister, mother, father, bf, gf, or husband during a holiday.

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