MILLION ARTHUR: ARCANA BLOOD | Official Launch Trailer


For the first time on Steam, the incredible, over-the-top 2D fighter Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is ready to kick-off! Featuring many of the popular characters from the smash hit Million Arthur series as well as a variety of guest fighters including ’Otherworldly Riesz’ from “Trials of Mana”, ’Otherworldly Koume Sakiyama’ from “LORD of VERMILION IV” and ‘Otherworldly Iori Yagami’ from “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV” as well as the popular characters from the Million Arthur franchise.

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood LIMITED EDITION
Only available until August 20, 2019 at 09:00 PDT / 17:00 BST. Don’t miss out, get it today!
Bonus content:
• Two striking wallpapers (Sizes: 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1920 x 1080, 2560 x 1600, 3840×2160).
• A music sampler consisting of 5 punchy tracks from the game with two from renowned composer, Yoko Shimomura.

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  1. innoutraged

    Where in the motherfucking hell is ActRaiser 3?

  2. Bantorain 93R

    I saw “Million” and hoped it had something to do with “Wild ARMs: Million Memories” and unfortunately it was not.

    I wish “Million Memories would come stateside. We have a Discord server for “Wild ARMs” fans that’s 60 members strong and growing, and a bunch of them use BlueStacks to play “Million Memories” regardless.

  3. Victor Zsasz

    Square enix we still waiting on the Life is strange series to come to the Nintendo Switch.

  4. KromePlatedMegafone

    I’d appreciate it if this was released on PS4 or Switch.

  5. Jason Talerico

    Why no console port????????? Epic fail, everybody wants this for a console. Please make a console port in english, I'm begging u!!!!

  6. Samuel Hill

    Fate/GO has left the chat.

  7. Malice Talks

    Take my money and please add Notcus and cloud in the game along with lighting oh and some stages from other square games along with music would be nice just an idea

  8. ximo yu

    This game has been Censored by the Square Enix "ethics" department. Do not buy and tell them why!

  9. ShadesSMH

    This game is apaprently 2 years old, releasing sometime in 2017 for ps4 ( and maybe xbox one?) According to google.
    Stop asking for a console release.
    Edit: looks like this game is dead on arrival, having 9 comments on steam and 0 user reviews, what a shame.
    Guess this is what happens when you don't hype up a game at all and just port it.
    Edit 2: Apparently it was japan exclusive, so nvm i guess.

  10. Jazneo Gaming

    should release on switch as well

  11. Isumaeru 117

    No Shovel Knight??

  12. Onizen

    Steam? SE if you know what's good for your bank accounts, you'll release this on US PS4 and Nintendo switch

  13. Jotamide

    RIP Nice Chin Chin
    2017 – 2019

  14. Rikuo86

    The world of Britain is surprisingly Japanese.

  15. Joshua Lacey

    Hey square can we get a console version of this?

  16. Pythia Brixham


  17. OmegaTaishu

    "This is a kingdom's junction. Please tell me your select"

  18. Anime Toshokan


  19. Bucket

    Why are there only 13 playable Arthurs? What about the other 999.987?

  20. Waaazha 123

    Censored game…. Fuck off with censorship bullshit.

  21. dimsumboy22

    bring back the moves you took out.

  22. Lyev Estuvo Aquí

    es como un mugen pero este quiza si este balanceado :p

  23. dandylaion

    Please Square-Enix, uncensor the game and give us back NICE CHINCHIN ????

  24. TallulahSoie

    Don't buy censored games

  25. Mustachioed Bear

    No US ps4 release??…. I have been waiting for this game so long since I learned about it in snk heroines….

  26. Khalifa Al Suwaidi

    Will it be available on consoles?

  27. Drezzek01

    oh wow a secret of mana character getting representation, never thought Id see that!

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