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Coming Summer 2019 for the first time on Steam, the incredible, over-the-top 2D fighter Million Arthur: Arcana Blood!

This smash-hit game series is set in the world of „Britain,“ home to a million King Arthurs and a million Excaliburs. The Arthurs each strive to become the one true king, wielding the power of the knights and the faeries of antiquity. They fight to unite a Britain where civil wars keep breaking out, and to protect from outside threats.


  1. Justin Hiryu

    Okay, I will bite. Why in the hell is Iori in this game?! Not that he is a bad character, but this is like putting Ryu from Street Fighter into a Mortal Kombat game.

  2. Tonberry Queen

    A 2D fighting game. Bah, not interested.

    Contact me when you guys make a new RPG.

  3. Juan Snow Gaming

    Intersting game
    All i stream is square enix games. Got some piping hot kingdom hearts videos dropping soon so please checl those out

  4. KromePlatedMegafone

    Console version would be appreciated.

  5. SaiyanFantasyX

    Ps4, please. :c


    i dont know anyone except iori, i feel left out

  7. Messatsu Goshoryu

    Do japanese audience really care for High Score Girl and Lord of Vermillion so much that they had to be in a Square Enix fighting game alongside Iori Yagami? I honestly don't believe it

  8. Shinryu Masaki

    Steam only? That's disapointing. Would have been nice if it came out for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

  9. Nero Yamamoto

    If only the mobile games came back out in NA other than this lol it looks cool but still..

  10. Dynasty Star

    every time I try looking up this game, it doesn't come up in my search results. Is it a VR game or something?

  11. Prophane

    Hey square penis, learn to make good games. ff xv and kh3 were mediocre.

  12. Leroy Boards

    Looks interesting enough

  13. Harperd5

    Can we get a PS4 release like Japan please

  14. Bichichi Duran

    Excelente juego que espero ❤???

  15. abrahamWCE

    I expect you decide to bring one Million Arthur main game overseas, Square Enix

  16. Dee Six


  17. Samiren Muñoz

    No PS4 !!?

  18. Squiddy

    Nice to see a PC exclusive Square Enix game

  19. William Parrilla

    Hear i am waiting for SE to announce the next Parasite Eve and i get hit with this nonsense game that noone is going to play.

  20. Puke & Gonzar Tops

    But why Iori Yagami is in this game?

  21. Ali Shademan

    aight I’ll cop

  22. m

    That awkward moment when Iori looks more like a KoF character in a non KoF game

  23. Flegan777

    Well at least it has Mana series characters in it. Ironically, they're from the only title in the series we never actually got.

  24. Sushi

    Oh this is hype af.

  25. Sushi

    Hi score girl is an assist? that's sick

  26. genesisSOC

    Only getting this game because of SD3, have no idea about anything else, that's all that matters.

  27. Al Jim


  28. Uri' Kusanagi

    …Snk is just throwing their characters everywhere.

  29. Soul Food Gaming

    Litterally only here cuz iori, idk these other people.

  30. Jason Talerico

    Please bring to console!!!!!!! Switch or PS4, we need a console port asap.

  31. Ibra

    I am only slightly interested because of Iori

  32. Nazrul Hady

    I was surprised i watching this in Square Enix channel.

  33. ShizzShowerShave

    Would be nice to get a physical PS4 release worldwide. No interest in buying it on Steam.

  34. Dallas Ramirez

    Please release this on ps4

  35. Reiul

    Why not on consoles?

  36. midnight Yume

    It’s funny how the girl from high score girl is here

  37. GrimdE

    I would pick this up on switch, but I refuse to play fighting games on my PC

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