Million Arthur: Arcana Blood – Fighting Trailer

Kicking off on Steam in Summer 2019, the incredible, over-the-top 2D fighter Million Arthur: Arcana Blood!

This smash-hit game series is set in the world of „Britain,“ home to a million King Arthurs and a million Excaliburs. The Arthurs each strive to become the one true king, wielding the power of the knights and the faeries of antiquity. They fight to unite a Britain where civil wars keep breaking out, and to protect from outside threats.


  1. Leidern

    This is some strange Mugen patch.

  2. Charles Martinez

    @ Square Enix NA any console release?

  3. ClamperBR


    You can't get any more anime than this

  4. Chadfill8348

    Jump Force remake is looking good

  5. UnonkeR

    wow card sagas wars 2 looks greats

  6. 637 H4CK3D N008

    I appeciate the effort. but it looks like it's trying way to hard to capture that arc systems vibe.

  7. Alessio Mercuri

    Since it's coming on steam i sure hope we can mod the announcer to literally anything else, what the hell was that?

  8. swordholder09

    That iori player is trash. Had the meter for his special and didn't use it or mix it with his launcher

  9. tuxedomat

    AKIRA ONO?!?!

  10. andrea black

    This game has just two fighters???

  11. UltraComboSupremeVictory

    This is a Kingdom's Junction. Please tell me your Select.

  12. Nikita Yudin

    Talking over each other is bad sports

  13. Lin Kuei Avenger

    Iori? Yo snk just whoring there characters out

  14. Xero Kaiser

    Iori's cool and all but holy shit, that is the worst announcer I've ever heard in a fighting game.

  15. Auran Crash

    Didn't know Tinkerbell was in this game

  16. G Sir杨

    l Love Iori !

  17. harris2210/ Frutpunch

    Game: “ This is a kingdoms Junction, Please tell me your select”
    Me: Kingdoms? select? What?

  18. FantasyNero

    Is it coming on PC steam we want it please we gonna buy it

  19. LN

    It's weird. I live in America and know who Lisze is… Now where's a true SOM2 remake? It'd be sick. Just make it so you can cast spells easy peasy and the second class change happens earlier. Viola! Beautiful remake <3 Maybe even add some harder enemies.

  20. Uri' Kusanagi

    Iori is op already, and isn't SNK just giving away their characters at this point?

  21. Omnisix

    that intro is very special, in a bad way

  22. DarkDreamT2

    Why is Iori here? Why is the girl from High Score Girl here? What exactly is going on?

  23. MA-121

    Square Enix x SNK. love to see more of this.

  24. Cloud Angel Fantazy


  25. MarquisNYC

    LOL They got Hi Score Girl up in there?!!!

  26. Strelok

    Whats up with those random engrish before the fight starts in anime fighters.

  27. Lightning

    Saxophone under the moon made the trailer to me! Awesome. Sono mama shine!

  28. STOP oh yeah yeah disease thousand

    Athena would fit in the game but iori? That's crazy

  29. Jodel Dominguez

    This looks mote mugen-like than Hyper DBZ.

  30. trueblueclue

    FF7 Remake is coming out great

  31. Silver Kaizer

    What are you doing here?

  32. Uchenna Obi

    Square should have made a 2d final fantasy fighting game. Or their rpg's in general man.

  33. Jerry Tong

    I would like to Train myself for this game, as I am using Cory, Spongebob and Shrek as training dummies to take out my rage on them! I am going to become strong in this game for sure! I will main Yamaneko and Thief Arthur!

  34. Chanon Wisanmongkol

    It's the first game that Iori says "NANI"

  35. Sebastian Inostroza


  36. Tiago Herman

    What Yori it´s doing on this cute game ? Well, I´ll try this game to see if if I like or not.

  37. Fuzzy Nuts

    I know it's anime but I find it really weird seeing Iori with a bunch of anime girls

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